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  1. Yard bird would be chicken. Sorry, didn't notice that you figured it out already.
  2. Daddy Dee, that restaurant would be Amigo Juan's. It is the BEST! Chris and I go at least once a week if possible.
  3. I love Tesla. Saw the Tesla/Poison concert twice. Little Rock AR and Shreveport LA. I went for Poison and learned to really like Tesla. I love most of the "hair bands". Back in the day of cheap tickets and plenty of tours, I saw a lot of them. Warrant, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Kix, Brittany Fox, Firehouse, Trixter, Winger, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Ratt, and even Nelson. I enjoy a lot of different styles of music, but I really like 80's "hair bands"...lots of good memories.
  4. I got the set for my husband's anniversay gift. Pre-ordered from Amazon. I got a great price, quick delivery , and free shipping. SCORE! We were watching some of New Hope last night with the comentary. I liked it. I was really excited about watching the behind the scenes on III making the helmet, etc. knowing we will get to see Hayden make the full transformation into Darth Vader.
  5. We just bought a Bayliner runabout a couple of weeks ago. They wouldn't budge off MSRP either. They threw in a few extras (Cover, anchor, etc.) since the trailer was included in the package.
  6. Would you believe my husband and I just won one of these in a drawing. We bought tickets for a fund raiser, thinking of it as a donation. Then we found out that we won. I was like, cool...an extra DVD player for the bedroom. The one we actually received, however, doesn't have the built in DVD player. Just a 5.1 decoder, sub, & sats. We haven't even taken it out of the box. I guess we'll give it a whirl just for the heck of it. Or we'll give it away as a gift. Haven't decided yet.
  7. I wish your Mom all the best, and a speedy recovery. I'm not looking forward to Mother's Day this year. I lost my Grandmother, who raised me, in January. Two weeks later my husband lost his mother. She was an AWESOME mother-in-law. Two great ladies in two weeks. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Things will start turning around for the better.
  8. I get quite a few Cardinals in the yard. I also put out hummingbird feeders in the summer. This is the first time in several years that I put up a Martin house. Mosquitoes love me therfore, I love Purple Martins. My husband and I recently moved into my Granfather's house to care for him since my Grandmother passed away in January. He has several cockatiels. The two in the den ,where the computer is, have discovered music. I noticed one night when hubby was playing music on the 'puter that they would "dance". One bobs up and down while the other paces side to side on it's perch. We get a kick out of watching them.
  9. Why do you feel for people in AK? Klipsch manufacturing is in Arkansas AR, Indy is the corporate office.
  10. Here's one female reply. I guess, my husband is the actual audiophile. I just tag along for enjoyment. And yes, sometimes I can't work the remote. I can manage to handle hooking up a few things on my own...it just takes me a lot longer than my husband...but the wires are MUCH neater if I get a hold of them. That's a pet peave...messy wires. I like having things sound good. I may enjoy showing off just a little bit too.
  11. georgie

    Kid Rock

    Yeah, that one dude does have a Rikki Rokketish look about him. I actually took a second look. Don't think it's him, but I can definately see where you were going with it.
  12. I heard it while on lunch today.
  13. Yep they told you right. It's a very popular place after they plow the field or it rains. They say that dirt doesn't stick to the diamonds, and that "You'll know it if you find one". They've found all kinds. My Aunt's was a tiny speck. You wouldn't bother having it cut. But they found some enormous diamonds years ago. They still find good size stones of various quality. There are people who are regulars...and they know what they're looking for. They have people there that can tell you what you've found...like all the different rocks, minerals, etc. ( That would be what I found ) I can't remember if it's a bell or a siren that goes off when someone verifies they found a diamond.
  14. Well...I guess I can't exactly speak for all diamond mines. But that's what the one in Murfeesboro, AR is like.
  15. I can tell you exactly what a diamond mine is like...been there, done that...Aunt found the diamond though. It's a big open field of dirt. Blazing hot durring the summer. You can come and dig to your hearts content in hopes of finding a diamond. Lots of people do. You get to keep what you find. I've been several times and all I found was a sunburn. There have been some big ones found...The museum is pretty interesting. The only place in the US where you can find diamonds. I want to say the only place in North America...but don't quote me on that. It's good dirty fun...just don't go in the middle of summer unless you're looking for a heatstroke.
  16. Cool...I saw Athens and thought to myself...I can relate. I liked living there. Too young to realize what I was in the presence of music scene wise. One of those if I knew then what I know now situations...ya know. Herschel Walker was playing for the Bulldogs when I was there. Talk about your local hero...he was a BIG DEAL.
  17. Mark1101 Hey!!! I used to live in Athens when I was a kid. Then I moved to the sticks in Ila. Moved back home to Arkansas before I started Jr. High. Whent back a few years ago to find the houses I lived in.
  18. Fini, Yep. My Earnhardt is a pretty close match. They'd be a lovely couple.
  19. What does the rest of the cat look like??? From what I can see, it looks very similar to my cat Earnhardt.
  20. Listening to it on my computer right this very minute. I love it.
  21. Had a 1997 Mustang, but surrendered to a grown up car... 2001 Dodge Intrepid. Hubby has a 1997 Dodge Dakota Xtnd. Cab
  22. Ooops. Can't read today. You're right, "manly" girls are scary. It's difficult to be female and like audio stuff. People think there's something wrong with your, or that you're "manly"
  23. Sorry fellas...I'm already hitched. BTW we're not all extra "manly". I'm quite girly. HornEd Congratulations man!!! Many years of happy listening to you both.
  24. Don't worry there are chicks out there that can share your passion. There's just not a lot of us
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