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Who will be buying the new NV40/R420?


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What is wrong tell me.


I just purchased the ASUS V9999 GamerEdition just for fun,because the "cool" blue card color. 1.gif

Oh and Doom3 will be mine monday...HE HE like LOTR ROFK a few days before most people


Cannot wait to put my systems to good use

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Well for starters I work,work in computers...configure them...BIG PC's...lots of'em.Networking and the works,emergency repairs...when people have to have it fixed and pay $$$$ and good.

Now message to YOU the good Klipschers...

Penguin...good job with purchasing the X800PRO...HL 2 will be out in september and then all the Nvidiots will squeal...LOL

Well I have all Nvidia flagship cards since the TNT 2 Ultra to today! 16.gif And all ATI best


Its all gooooooooood

And Doom 3 is AMAZING I played 6 hours last night and wull be another 6 tonight!Oh yeah...Carmack and the gang realy show the competition who is boss when it comes to use of light and gameplay.This game has the goods

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Doom 3 is fun and all for just mindless shooting, but there isn't much stratagy involved... I can't wait for Halo 2 to come out on XBOX. Undoubtably we will also see it on pc in the future. Amazing graphics for a console, and annother chunk of a great story. I think Carmack's got some competition on the XBOX. But all in all, being a mindless shooter I give Doom 3 a 94 out of 100. The only thing that seems to be missing is the interactivity with the environment.

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"but there isn't much stratagy involved"

Duh,discovery of the millenium.How did you manage?

Doom is a bout shooting,its a first person shooter above all.What do you want and RPG/RTS elements mixed in.

You do not like it ...too bad.Most do and it will outsell those puzzle games,RTS games many times still,like it or NOT.

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