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www.audioreview.com down again...


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On 4/29/2004 3:43:24 PM tankhokie wrote:


i never imagined a 60 yr old newbie from Lock Haven, Pa. would post a link to a pornography site.

perhaps it was his meddling grandson?

maybe a naughty spouse?

or perhaps he lost his password like avman has been known to do...


Audioreview.com isn't a pornography site... I've gone there to post and read reviews myself on quite a regular basis.

*EDIT: The site is back up again, for anyone that cares.

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78% of people!! Yikes. I find it hard to trust someone I don't know. At least with the pro reviewers you get a sense of their taste, likes, dislikes and personalities. I guess that the main reason I rely on alot of the opinions here.

Misty-eyed and calling for a group hug,


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ha ha ha

i just caught my error...i read cluless' thread earlier about an evil thread (porn link) and it's removal. later when i came across this thread i though the mods removed the "bogus" website that craig posted...

sorry craig, but still amusing how we can still link craig's post to porn...4.gif

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On 4/29/2004 10:16:02 PM Fish wrote:

Audioreview is a valuable site,the reason is,if a product has a serious flaw you'll see it coming up often.I never go there for advise,only to look for patterns in negative reviews.


Same here. It's nice because patterns begin to show real fast but you can usually easily and quickly pinpoint something that deserves the infamous yellow button.

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