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Saving people from suckerdom, 1 at a time.


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Ahh yes guys, I feel that I am at least doing my part to reduce the list of suckers. Why what list? you may ask. Well the list of satisfied ahem... Bose owners.

A co-worker last week told me he was missing a day of work for his new tv and audio system to be delivered. I took the bait and asked what he was getting. Nice big screen projection tv and ahem, Acustomass.

I congradulated him on his tv and then suggested that he play some music on his Bose (that he spent $1600 on) listen carefully at different volumes then come over to my house for a listen. He did. Needless to say we have a convert.

The Acustomass went back to the store. He then went to the local Klipsch dealer to buy the good stuf. The salesman tried to sell him B&W. This guy was so confused... He called me from the store and asked what to do. I asked one simple question. Why would you pay more for less? But if you must believe the salesman over me go ahead buy em as long as you can take em back.

He did. He came to my place. We plugged them in to my system side by side with the LaScala. With the first switch I said "told you so." The B&W went right back to the store. The salesman got an ear full. And another well informed Klipsch lover was born.

Ok guys, here's the challenge. See how many you can convert this week!

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Sadly, two years ago, my father was duped into a Blose system. I don't even remember which acoustimass system - nor do I care - an Energy 12" sub for the low end (at least he acknowledged the lack of bass, and the Energy is not a bad sub at all), and an Onkyo receiver (pretty nice).

About a year ago, I became a proud Klipsch owner, the Ref line, Denon 3300, Ksw-12, etc. I invited my father over for a taste of The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over." He literally stormed out of the house, and I thought I saw a tear in his eye. The next weekend he called me and asked me to go shopping with him. He picked up the Ref line, Denon 4800, Ksw-12. Needless to say he is a happy Klipsch convert.

Some other good came out of this for me. A few weeks ago I borrowed his Denon 4800 and compared it side by side in my listening room to separates from B&K, Parasound, and Adcom. How did it end? Put it this way, I will never waste another $ on a "receiver" again. The 4800 was smoked by all the other setups (IMO, of course). I went with the Parasound because I got a great deal and couldn't pass it up. The B&K gear was very impressive, and if money were no object, that's what I would have grabbed. Anyone considering spending $1500 or more on a receiver should seriously consider separates.

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Rescently converted one of my friends.

I was talking to him about speakers, and he ways saying to get Infinities..

** They are RICH! **

Well, I showed him the Klipsch website.. and a few speakers.. and told him about them.

About 1 hour later (we're talking on AIM) and he's says, I just orderd the Pro's. Well, 10 minutes later, I actualy look at the link, from where he bought them....... he got the Quintets. So now he owns a Quintet setup.

He says he currently has two big Yamaha's 2 Yamaha recievers with 7.1, and ceiling speakers.

When we find the time, he is going to come with me up to Hill Crest, where we are going to listen to the new RF-7's... I wouldnt be suprised, that they will own a pair with in the next month.

Then thers my GF. Jo-Jo. Got her into Klipsch.

Gotta... but wont,...... Make her dad relize that Fisher doesnt NOT make High End good speakers, and haver has.

Then theres Jo-Jo's friend, who owns a .... Boston setup.

I told Jo-Jo that that setup probobly sucked, and he could have gotten more for his money with a Klipsch setup. She told him that I said his setup sucked. He told her.. lol... (not exact) "Tell him to call me and I'll turn it up, and we'll see who's system sucks" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

ISnt that funny?

Well, gotta get this guy to come over and listen to our Heresys, or go listen to some RF-7's.

Then thers my friend Andy, who while we were in Best Buy, argued with me about Bose. I was telling him how they sucked.. And kept saying they didnt, and that they got good sound for theyer size (talking about loudness). Its funny, the last 2 people relate loudness with Quality.... even worse, they both relate BOSE to quality...... And the other guy, hadnt even heard of Klipsch.

My storys.


Living Room:

Yamaha Natural Sound A-500 Stereo Amplifier

2 Klipsch Heresys on A switch

2 Fisher STV-873 on B switch

My Room:

Klipsch Pro Medias

2 Fisher Surrounds

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Yeah... My name is Jo-Jo, and I'm a Klipsch-a-holic. Smile.gif Heh, yeah, I'm a recent convert. My dad thought Fishers were good way back when, but at least he knows that Bose suck! That's a plus, right?

I think my friend that DwK was talking about is just being overprotective. His daddy got his system discount b/c he had a friend that was like CEO of Tweeter or something, I dunno. He's also proud of his little 12' sub. Smile.gif It's funny, but it's cute. It reminds me of a little kid saying "look at my toy!" Smile.gif

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The expert when it comes to converting the masses to Klipsch has got to be my friend Tony. Not only did he get me into them but also 5 colleagues from work and 4 mutual friends plus who knows how many others I havent met.

His technique is simple. We go over to his house and meet his KHorns. We listen, we are amazed, we head over to Laios (the Greek distributor) and we buy whichever of the range suits our needs. so far:

Nick - forte's

Jimmy - KLF 30s

Me - Heresy 2's (well first quintets, then 3.1 monitors and now Heresy's)

Antonis - my 3.1 monitors and qunitets.

Jo - RF3's

Stelios - cant remember the model name - the ones with the 2 side firing 12 inch subs built in.

George - Chorus


We are a growing band. Currently there are 3 others waiting for auditions. Each convert has started the process of conversion himself. we reckon by 2004 (the Olympic year here in Athens) every man woman and child in Greece will have at least one pair of Klipsch speakers. LOL

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I don't know, maxg, you would think that if Klipsch were getting that popular, it's representative to this forum could take the bag off of his head!cwm34.gifLOL

Sounds like Tony deserves to sit on a marble pedestal in the middle of his Khorn sweet spot.

Your thought provoking posts seem to be luring me back to a place and a people I thoroughly enjoyed... but haven't visited in over twenty years. All of my grandparents were born in Europe... and, therefore, their cultures are laced with Greek culture. I have been active in medieval festivals across the U.S. and often were an Astrolabe (I have several). Astrolabe's are purported to be of Greek origin circa 32 B.C. The first scientific paper written in English was a treatise on the Astrolabe by Chaucer which accompanied his gift to his 10 year-old son. On this side of the Atlantic, we revel in the knowledge that Columbus and G. Washington used the Astrolabe (a forerunner of the sextant) in navigation and surveying. Of course, the Astrolabe is a geocentric device and, thus, no longer accurate... except if you buy one made by a bright young jeweler/mathematician (Norman Greene) in Berkeley, CA, who recalculated astrolabes for this millennium.

Well, back to sound reality... and the excitement of a pair of SVS subwoofers and a pair of Cornwalls that are scheduled to arrive in separate shipments this morning. The Cornwalls have been "lost" for a week because the shipping company had two different airbills, one they gave me... another they had on the crates! Maxg, with all that cultural heritage, have the Greeks come up with any better shipping system?

cwm6.gif HornEd

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