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Hi everybody,

this might be a stupid question, but which of the various hifi magazines do you read/recommend. I admit that I cannot read most German magazines as they strike me as far too dependant on their advertising clients. Recently I've come across The Absolute Sound which I found not bad. Any other suggestions for an interesting read?


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Check out Positive Feedback. Informative and a blast to read and they always have poor man mods. I used to get it regularly but have lapsed in picking it up lately and I do miss it. You will have a fun time with the articles.


Just who is Dylan's Jokerman anyways?

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Wolfram--Find some copies of Sound Practices, a now defunct magazine that was the best one ever for hornys; great articles on Altecs, TADS, Lowthers, Edgars and such. Vacuum Tube Valley has run articles of interest to hornys too. I find conventional "hi-end" magazines like Stereophile useless as they like gear that I think sounds terrible (direct-radiating loudspeakers) and I have no common ground with them. If they think a speaker like a Pro-Ac sounds good how can I put any faith in anything they say? To read about some guy worrying about the doubtful benefits of this or that wire while he's listening on absolutely junk loudspeakers strikes me as futile.

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