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Acurus/Mondial on Ubid.....Clearance??


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Hey everyone,

Just a heads up....I noticed some NEW Acurus 200x3 amplifiers on Ubid. Since Klipsch is merging the two lines, maybe some of us can get a deal on one of these bad boys while they clear 'em out..



Klipsch Chorus I Fronts

Klipsch KLF-C7 Center

Klipsch Heresy I Surrounds

Mitsubishi WS-55807 55" HDTV

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Calling around the great State of Alabama today looking for an Acurus 125X5,I ran across a dealer here that had the amp but would only sell it with a ACT-3.

So in anyone is interested in an Act-3/125X5 combo NIB from dealer,speak up.He has two combo's.Price $2000 ea.


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The local snooty Hi Fi store that I sometimes stop at just to see how outrageous HIFI can get (perhaps the only store in the world with the full line of ATMA-Sphere tube amps - www.atma-sphere.com). They had their full line of Acurus products on sale at DEEPLY reduced rates. I don't remember the numbers, but at least 40% off seemed to be the norm (and this place NEVER has sales..til now).

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