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Women and audio ...

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I went to listen & realized my ELP album is gone Frown.gif

seems during a party back in college someone went thru my albums & choose a few to take - like also Kiss-"alive" & Beatles White Album in white vinyl Frown.gif

good reason I guess to get the cd. Smile.gif

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That one actualy took me a while. About twenty minutes or so. I had to draw from a few things. I remember my older brother playing Jethro Tull albums and one of them had Ian introducing the band. Anyway, one member (don't remember which one) touch a few notes on the keyboard. But it didn't hit the spot exactly. I looked at a few other intruments in the dictionary that I wasn't sure what they were, no dice. Then I played it again from vinyl. It hit me, this sounds very Italian. What do you see a man playing in an Italian resturaunt at a table to patrons. The accordion! Oh well, I draw from the oddest things sometimes. I understand about parents playing instruments. My mother plays the tennor sax. BADLY!...but she still plays...trying to relive her days of highschool. Fortunately she sings a lot better.

can I take a bow now and slither away?

As for the article, this is why I put in my profile "Stop asking my girlfriend"

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Back to the original topic (sorry for spoiling the tangent...) Smile.gif

decibel man-

Thanks for posting this link. I sent it along to my wife and while she still doesn't understand my passion for my Klipsch, she at least accepts.

I'll have to check out this latest magazine, maybe would make a good addition to my S&V, which, overall, isn't too bad a rag.

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