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My Review Marantz SR7500 Part II


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On 11/16/2004 1:48:13 PM neomartic wrote:

Yeah, I need something that will play DVD audio, like you're talking about and DVD-R, which most new players will play. Is it worth shelling out the (approximately) $400 for a Marantz VC5400 dvd player. Should I just stick with a cheap one that has the playback capability? What's the big difference as long as I have the digital and component, a/v outputs I need?


If you plan on burning mp3's to DVD media you better check videohelp.com/dvdplayer for the player you are looking at. Very few on the market can play mp3's on DVD media. I would suggest getting that $68 Philipps 642 from walmart. It plays everything I throw at it. Its progressive scan and plays svcd and divx with no problems. If your into that sort of thing. Some people know what I am talking about. I really dont see why people pay so much for Hyped up DVD players anyway. Think about this. It cost $60 to buy a DVD burner for a pc. How much does it actually cost companys to plop a dvd drive in a box and sell it? Thats why the price of dvd players have dropped to $30.

I actually purchase a $30 dvd player from cyberhome. It played everything. It wasnt pretty but it played it. I chose the 642 because the mp3 menu was better. The $30 played music and video just as good so dont be fooled by the high dollar machines. Thats my opinion.

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I can't say much for the new SR8500, just arrived at my local Dealers yesterday, along with a 7500 and haven't had the time to check them out. Would make one hell of a pre-amp, let alone stand alone...10.gif

Thats not a bad price for the VC5400, nice unit. All depends, do you want a carousel or single tray? Believe it or not, it does matter to some people, but some people like having 5 cd's in at once and programable in any order they want by disk and track, I don't mind getting up and changing it now and then, by that time need a new cold 1 anyway...10.gif

The DV8400 is a nice unit, price should come down once the DV9500 takes off, should be sweet, but a few bucks more.

My Marantz\Klipsch HT and components:

Klipschorns(f),LaScalas(boxed),HerseyII's(r on 21" custom stands),KLFC7©,Velodyne FSR18(sub), Toshiba 34HF81C TW HDTV.

Marantz Reference SR18EX A\V Receiver,Marantz Reference DV12S1 DVD\Audio(etc)player, Marantz Reference SA12S1 SACD(2 channel)player, Marantz DR6000 CD recorder(sweet piece), 3 Marantz MA700 monoblocks(f & c boxed), Marantz VM5100 S-VHS hifi vcr.

other components, Marantz T2200 turntable(2)with Shure cartridges(Oracle one day, oh yes)Monster HTPS7000 power centre, TEAC A4300 reel to reel, Musical Fidelity XLPS phono preamp, ADC 12 band EQ(Sound Shaper Two MKIII), Sony TC-WR735S casette tape.

Using StraightWire Silver Link for Dig Coax, S-Video, C/V, and also StraightWire Cresendo's for all other interconnects and their subcable, speaker cable is Kimber Cable 8TC, and using PS AUdio Mini Lab power cords..cables to make a difference IMO..10.gif

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Nice review, Glenn. See? It's good to leave your posts where they are. Because now that it's permanently here for all to see, even decades from now, when your SR7500 is a "vintage model," someone who is looking to buy it used from a garage sale will snap a search, stumble across this review, and know that it's a good, solid product. And you will have done your part in the Grand Scheme of Things.

And that's exactly what happened on April 9, 2012. Thank you, gentlemen..

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Guys I am debating on getting the Marantz SR8500 and using it as a pre amp. My current choice is the B&K Reference 50 S2. However, I could save money going with the SR8500. All my current system is Marantz and I am happy with them. If anyone has word on the SR8500 let me know.

If you are not going to use the power amp section, why not just buy an AV preamp (preamp/processor), and not pay for the power amp sections? I've had a Marantz AV7005 pre/pro for quite a while now, and like it. It has Audyssey MultiEQ XT. Don't know if that is better or worse than the room correction with the SR8500.

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