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Preamp for ST70/Heresey


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Looking for a proven good match in a preamp for a nice freshly built, lightly modded ST70 and my Hereseys. Anyone else using an ST70 with Hereseys have suggestions? I don't have unlimited funds but at least I need to have some ideas to chase down...

I'm not at all locked to a "vintage sound", i.e. a good hybrid might be a fine thing. I like great dynamics and extended response relative to what a stock PAS would offer.

thanks for any thoughts.

Mark M.

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At the moment, I am feeding my ST-70 with my Alesis 16 channel mixer. It is what is available in the bedroom where I currently have the ST-70 and my Heresys. It is very quiet. I feed it with different gear (PC cheap CD, etc.) I'm looking for a tube pre. For a while you could get the new palte preamp from DECWare cheap, but their price has gone up a bit. It is a kit.

What just floors me with the tube amp is how much more bass there is from the Heresys. Quite balanced too.

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A great match would be one of the nice affordable units from Mapletree Audio. I also believe Pirhana over in the two channel area is selling his after just upgrading to the Juicymusic Peach Linestage. However, the Mapletree is a linestage, so if you need phono -- you need to look for something else.

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Marvel - I've also run the ST70 off a mixer, a little Mackie 1202, actually sounded pretty good. Makes me curious about contemporary solid-state or hybrid preamps. There's a Van Alstine hybrid I'm considering, a PAS4i or something like that.

Dean - I need phono if it's a real nice preamp and not if it's a real great deal like $100-200. This being because I'm setting up two systems, and the preamp could be for either. One's my "good" system and the other is my "family" system. Right now the good system is my fully rebuilt and modded ST70 with an unrestored PAS3 and the Klipsch Hereseys. The family system is my older ST70, slightly rebuilt and working fine, some KEF Coda 90's, and no preamp i.e. it's not up and running yet. In any case I don't think I'm going to spend over about $400. 'cause I'm laid off and I think there's enough stuff out there if I look long enough for the right thing (which is what I'm trying to identify...)

I could use the PAS for the family system with only a minor bit of work, or I could do an extensive rebuild/mod and use it for my "good" system, which is the one needing the phono preamp.

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