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Forget golfball diving, dumpster diving pays big!

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I've done some diving in my day. I found a pioneer sx1280 in the dump. The only thing wrong with it was the glass was broken... I assume from when it was dropped or thrown into the dump.

The thing worked perfectly.

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My best "single" dumpster score was a Hicock 539C tube tester, 300 tubes including a quad of TungSol 6550, a GEC KT88 (that I still have that one, if anyone is interested let me know) plus a flurry of 12AX7, etc. There was also a superb laboratory grade Hewlett Packard regulated power supply. That was a big dumpster.

Strangely it was the first dumpster I saw that had an alarm system...

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Alarming a dumpster or even putting camera surveillance on it is a common theft prevention measure. Employee A takes out trash which happens to have important/expensive property buried in it. Same employee returns at night to dig out what he put there or works with a friend to dig it out. (CCTV can catch the scheme on DVR.) This Eico amp could even have been such an item! 15.gif Or, maybe not.3.gif

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