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Where to find quality Electrical outlets for new HT??


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Where can I find good AC outlets for my new basement HT I am building....What does "hospital grade" mean? Please provide something better than I can buy I at Home Depot or Lowe's.

Or is this a waste of money?? Please provide mfg's or links to websites



My system(s):

KLF-30's Bi-wired

KLF-C7 (2)

KSP-S6's (2 Pair)

KSW-15 Front Sub

KSW-100 Rear Sub

Chorus II's

Monster cable 14 gauge in-wall cable

Audioquest interconnects

Niles SPS-4 speaker switch box

Niles wall plates

Niles in-wall volume controls

Marantz SR-8000

Toshiba SD-4205 5 DVD changer

Pioneer PDF-1007 301-CD changer

Mitsubishi 35" TV

Mitsubishi VCR

Pioneer VSX-608 Multi-room amp for Outdoor deck

Polk All-weather AW2's deck speakers

Panamax DBS-8 Surge Protector

Klipsch IC-525's in Master Bath

13" Sony Wega in Master Bath

1 Lava Lamp for Ambience

Fridge full of beer and plenty of Don Julio, Jagermeister and Jim Beam

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When I did a dedicated circuit for my HT system, I went to Home Depot and bought a 30 amp circuit breaker, 25 feet of 12/2 wire, and a 30 amp rated orange "hospital" grade outlet. I notice that the outlet really grabs the plug and seems to provide much more contact. I think I spent about $45 on the above, and then I plugged my Monster Power HTS-2000 into it......and bingo, no more noise or clicking when lights turn on or the fridge turns on.


Klipsch Quartets - fronts

Klipsch Academy - center

Klipsch KG 1.5's - rear surrounds

Klipsch KG .5's - rear side surrounds

Klipsch KSW12 subwoofer

Denon AVR-4800

Denon POA-5200 THX Amp (fronts)

Sony C-67ES CD Player

JVC 36D201 36" TV

JVC HR-S3600 SVHS Player

JVC XV-M565BK DVD Player

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Digital Cable box

Playstation 2

Monster Power HTS-2000

Monster Cable M-series Speaker Cable and subwoofer cable

Monster Component, S-Video, and Optical cables

RS HT Gold Interconnects

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bloomis, beware the ground loop! thanks to chickey & the addition of a new acurus 200X5 power amp i've found

that i do indeed have one. working on it, details to follow...


Klipsch KLF 30 (front)

2-KLF C7 (front center & rear center)

Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-18 sub woofer

Marantz SR-8000 receiver

Acurus A200X5 power amp

Sony DVP-C650D 5-disk cd/dvd player

Sony Trinitron 27" stereo tv

Toshiba hi-fi stereo vcr

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 digital cable box

Monster HTS2500 & HTS1000 powercenters

Boa's Listenin Lounge:

Klipsch RF-3, RC-3

Sony STR-DE935 a/v receiver

Kenwood KR-9600 AM/FM stereo receiver (vintage 1975)

Russound AB-2 receiver switch to RF-3

Teac PD-D1200 5-disk cd changer

Technics SL-1950 turntable/AT LS500 cartridge

Technics dual cassette deck

rock on!

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I purchased all the Hospital grade outlets at the audio shops.Any audio shop will have in stock Hospital grade outlets.

For all the electrical work I called a good customer who is also a electrician.A real pro,all the cables are rated at 20 and 30 amps.And a second breaker box was added.This was a major works,since more larger wires had to feed the second breaker box.

Anyway it cost me a bit over $4000,one thing to keep in mind I have a custom outlet panel with 15AMP and 20AMP outlets!Its heavy duty.This way all my amps and powered subs will not activate the breakers,even at full tilt.And full output is dangerous,over 125dB in room!Down to 25Hz!

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I am too young or too cheap for the hospital grade, Wink.gifso I added a new surge protector with EMI and RFI noise filtering and it seems to work great, also added a small UPS and that made a big difference (for the money, of course) with "darkness" and "background" ...


horns, tubes, subs, leather couch & female vocalists

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And one more thing,a serious sound system should have at least THREE separate AC receptacles.Two 15AMP and another 20AMP.Minimum

The 20AMP serves for the power amp.One 15AMP serves for the sub(s) and the other for the rest of the components(should be filtered).

With all my gear I will soon again run out of outlets and have to add a second outlet board! Smile.gif

I guess I am too High-Endish LOL as most have little recievers(up to 10AMPS) and thier subs dont need over 5AMPS.So the whole system may run on only 15 AMPS very well.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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