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Ground Hum Help


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Doug and boa,

Thanks for all your help on this matter. I don't have any loud buzzes that might equate to a ground problem. I am running a Monster F-Pin cable from the Wall into the HTS-3500 and then another Monster F-Pin cable from there to the Cable Box. I don't have a problem on that end.

I also just got rid of the surge suppressor and am running the power cord from the 3500 directly to the wall outlet. I had to run the power cords from the DVD and the cable box to the 4800 switched outlets as well. Now everything comes on when I power up the receiver. Smile.gif I'm not used to the Standby red button being on the 4800, and the 3 lights that remain lit on the 3500 but I can put up with that...


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At the risk of boring you all to tears with yet another post, I'll update you now on the latest developments in ground hum eradication, in case it might help someone out.

I have eliminated all but 1 hum, and that one remains only because I am waiting on a part to arrive. Essentially, I removed as many electrical connections between the receiver and the offending devices (DVD, VCR, TV) as possible. I switched the DVD audio connection from coax to fiber, so that took the DVD out of the loop with the receiver (I already had the DVD component video connected direct to the TV, not through the Denon). I removed the direct receiver-to-TV connection which I used only for OSD. Now, for the few times I need to use the Denon setup menu, I'll just reconnect the TV to the receiver for a few minutes. For the VCR, I have the video connected directly to the TV where I used to switch it through the Denon. For the VCR audio, I bought a Radio Shack Ground Loop Isolator (based on TalkToKeith's recommendation) and used it to connect the VCR audio to the receiver. It wiped out the hum instantly.

Now, the only remaining hum is from the antenna connection to the receiver. I only have the antenna on it for FM. As soon as I get one of those $7 ground loop breakers for coax from HomeTech (Thanks eq_!!!) I believe that will take care of it.

Silence is golden. Whew!!


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Well, Mike you asked for it...

On the fifth day, an epiphany!! There existed in the land a Monster HTS2000 with 3 very-unused RG59 coax connections, one each for antenna, cable, and SAT. Perhaps, he mused, it would filter out the remaining hum coming off the FM antenna feed to the receiver. With hope soaring once again, he reconnected the FM feed so it ran through the Monster HTS2000. And there was much rejoicing in the land, for the last of the hums had been defeated, broken, and left to rot by the side of the path to pure silence. He listened and looked and declared -- "It is good." And peace reigned once again (and his wife was heard to mutter, "thank heavens that's done").



Denon AVR-3300

Acurus A200x3

NAD 7155 Receiver

Pioneer PD-F19 CD Changer

Sony CDP-C8ESD CD Changer

Denon 3000 DVD

Toshiba M784 VCR

B&O Beogram 1800 TT

Klipsch Chorus

Klipsch KV-3 Center

Klipsch SS-1 Surround

Klipsch KG4

Klipsch KG3

Klipsch Forte (2pr)

Velodyne CT120 Sub

Sony KP-43T75 RPTV

Monster HTS2000

AudioQuest Copperhead Interconnects

AudioQuest Slate Speaker Wire

Various other interconnects/cables

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Mr. Doug, my friend... I'm absolutely LOL! Methinks you've been hanging around this hobby too much - you're starting to sound like an ordained minister of music, an evangelist of audio, a preacher of theater...

Now that you're done with your system, would you consider doing an exorcism on *my* humming demons?


(Edited to add a serious note - I'm also noticing a low level hum with my new 200X3 installed. With no connections to my Denon, the Acurus is dead quiet. But, with the RCAs connected there is that slight but annoying hum. Maybe if I switched to less efficient speakers, it wouldn't be so evident. Could that explain the fascination with "audiophile" speakers?)


"Time flies like an arrow.

Fruit flies like a banana."

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Ross - Perhaps tomorrow evening, at your nnth birthday soiree we can have a go at it. I'm sure Diane wouldn't mind us disappearing into the workshop/HT for a couple of hours with a houseful of guests, would she?

Boa - You are correct, sir. The Radio Shack part number is 270-054, $14.99. Since VCR is not exactly a real hi-fidelity source for me, I wasn't concerned too much about the audio purity of this thing. BTW, thanks to Keith for the suggestion of this part.


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Never got an answer about the faded memory of using 2 balins?/balen's cross wired(I think)as a means of eliminating hum.Or maybe that was to illegally receive premium channels? Surely someone here remembers that!

And what about AR's claim that their interconnects are grounded to isolate each component?

Need to eat more carrots.Or were they for your eyes?


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