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What Klipsch speakers ROCK?


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Thanks guys,

That is a lot of useful information.

I'm looking forward to moving into a more involving speaker. Though I always thought my KG3's were a great speaker. And I do have a set KG4's that I like also. But I need more....... and again thanks.

I have a friend with the RF-7's and they sound great but I like the older designs...

I'm glad there are some Porcupine Tree fans out there. My favorite discovery of the last 10 years.

Steve Wilson, the bands leader, also put out an albumn called "Blackfield" with another artist in the past year. An incredible albumn. Also on vinyl if you can find it.

Porcupine tree is a progressive rock band but they play a lot of driving guitar licks. The perfect group for lamenting Pink Floyd, ELP, Moodies, Genesis types.



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Now you guys

have me wanting to get a pair of them purty lil Fortes, just to see

what they can do!


Michael; MUST RESIST! But then again, you don't have any WAF to worry over[:P] so go for it [:D]

So that explains why he has so many speakers!

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