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What Klipsch speakers ROCK?


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What Klipsch speakers of the classic and the heritage type are better for Rock? There must be some differences. I know some speakers are better for jazz and classical. I have KG3's and 4's. I want to move up the sound chain a little. Speakers need to be quick to handle today's power chords.

Who rock's well out there with their settup?


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I listed those I felt most appropriate to be considered without considering environmental limitations.

Tier One:

I will definitely stick with the LaScalas and Khorns as my number 1 and 2 choices. With the LaScala having the advantage of being hard to beat for any format or location!

Tier Two:

The Belle midrange is NOT that radically different from the LaScala as to eliminate it. And the Cornwalls have a nice solid punchy bass, (although the CornScala improves on it's MF/HF substantially). ...And neither are slouches.

Tier Three:

Beyond that I personally run into various tradeoffs/limitations that I simply prefer to avoid. But that is NOT to say you can't or shouldn't check them out! I have no idea as to your listening preferences or the gain, environment, size &/or price restrictions, WAF, or other variables that your situation will bring to the table.

You are fortunate in that there is really not a BAD choice! But some are more optimal![:)]


And for a sub that will work with the sensitivity and low distortion of the LaScalas or KHorn, my first choices are the Velodyne HGS-18 Series2 or DD series, or, if on a budget, the SVS PC Ultras.


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I have no sub. I would probably bring the heresy's up a little. I have only heard them a couple of times at a friends house. I think I would have to hear them a little more before I bought them.

The Kg3's and 4's have had good enough bass for me.

I think I blew the 3's but time to move on and up....a little.


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Belle's ROCK!

I would have any of the heritage line but prefered the Belle's because of looks and no need for corners. Can't beat a folded bass horn IMHO. Listening to U2 Joshua Tree now threw it on just for the hell of it. I forgot how good that album was and how well recorded it was.

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Cornwalls SLAM, I'd do the Cornscala in a heartbeat. I hear KLF30's rock also. Not so much any folded horn design, the quickness in the midbass just doesn't seem to be there.

I've got an average of $525 in each of 4 pair. That includes travel expenses for the 63's from Miami.

In fact have split LSIs, could disconnect the CW mid/high and plug in the LS mid/hi. Hmmmmmm


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I must give the credit for bi-speakering with IndyKlipschFan. He was over here and brought it up as a poor man's way to test drive the mythical CornScala. He also has split loyalties as well as LS cabinets, his theater was CWs and Heresies, now it's looking like LSI's.

But I've got a table saw, everything could change....


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