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Need roofer, Katrina Ate Mom's roof


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Thanks Cal,

I could see the pictures just fine, but I guess that no one else could. I reposted the first picture in the original post, and here's the one of the drive. The plastic bags in the trees probably mark the water level from the storm surge.

As ya'll can tell, a roof aint gonna fix this problem. Anyone want to buy a lot in Long Beach MS? Actually she is gonna hold out for a few years if she can.


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You got that right, her safety and health are the most important things. She was also very fortunate that she had flood insurance, many people she knows lost less but are in worse straits because they did not.

Anyway, here are some rather humorous/strange photos from the area.

First, someone told me that the only thing missing from this photo was a couple of vultures.


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Here's what they don't show on the news. The area south of the railroad tracks was cordoned off with razor wire, you had to prove residence and surrender your license to go there, providing of course that they were letting anyone in that day. This was a necessary evil for a number of reasons. Health, safety, looting, etc.


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