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La Scala's only 90 minutes from my home on eBay

Mike Lindsey

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Here is the thread...


From the Serial number it looks like these were made in 1987. I am also assuming BR means Birch/Raw? I haven't spoken with the gentleman but the ad mentions they are missing the tweeters. For those of you with La Scala's, can you tell me how these look? How difficult would it be to put new tweeters in (labor/cost)?

Thanks in advance,



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Looking for a pair of Heresy's

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Thanks for the replies, guys! I sent the guy an Email and am waiting to hear back from him on the tweeters. If they go for around $6-700 (wishful thinking?) I might get involved with the auction. Unfortunately, the last pair of speakers from this area just went for $1225 (Cornwalls) so I'm not holding my breath. Even if I was able to get them, I really don't have a place to put them. But at that price, it would be worth storing them temporarily. Doug, I saw the Klipschorns as well and would love to have them, but they are just a little out of my price range. Smile.gif It amazes me that even though I am broke, I continue to scour the internet for more of these speakers. It's a sickness... Biggrin.gif


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Do you know how much the diaphrams are if bought new thru Klipsch? I might be interested if the price is right...how much would you want for the tweeters? What kind of condition are they in? Thanks again for the offer...


Edit: Jim - are those K-77-M tweeters?


Originally posted by Jim Cornell:


I would pick these up if i could, thats my opinion!!

Also, i have 2 tweeters here out of my cornwalls that need diaphrams, if you want to get the diaphrams ill send them out to ya!!

They have been sitting around here for over a year!!

Regards Jim

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I was just getting off the where did the love go post, i was taken wrong,!

Well anyway, yes these are the K-77-ms, and the diaphrams thru EV are $22.00 each, there like new, they came out of the second set i bought in Febuary!

Ill more than likely never need these, they have been sitting around here for 8 months, close enough to a year!

If you purchase the La scalas, beings your a BB member, ill just give these to you, to save a little dough, to get diaphrams!!

Just trying to help you out, those La scalas are nice, to bad they took out the tweeters, but if they had them in them, theyd sell for a grand!!

Good luck, and let me know what happens!

Regards Jim

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Thank you very much for the generous offer. I will keep you posted as to what happens. I have been talking with the guy and he seems like a pretty nice person. He said he found another Ebayer that would sell some K-77's for $55. I like your offer better... Biggrin.gif


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