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Subwoofer question


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Hi all, i've been reading here for months and thought well lets just register... so here i am.

I have a question about subwoofers in general, i built two speakers

myself 3-way they dig down to about 25 hertz, and i was thinking about

adding a subwoofer but i am not really sure if it adds anything. The

reason for adding a new subwoofer is because i can't hook up anymore

speakers because its a stereo amplifier. and i want to built a complete

5.1 in the future system except for the subwoofer i want to buy a

klipsch subwoofer. i was thinking of buying a new Onkyo reciever later

and first buy a subwoofer. so here's my question does a subwoofer

really adds that much even if my speakers dig down to about 25 hertz,

or should i buy a new reciever first? thanks in advance. And sorry if

my english isn't perfect i am from the netherlands...[:P].


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Depends on the subwoofer you get and also how loud your speakers play at 25hz.

My speakers play down to 45hz but I have my subwoofer play frequencies up to 100hz and my main speakers play from that point on up.

I'd say that only a handful of speakers wouldn't benefit from a separate subwoofer.

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Welcome to the forum Wolter.

Your English is better than my Dutch.[;)] If you made a pair of speakers that goes down to 25 Hz and are planning on making 3 more for a 5 channel system--then I don't know if you would need a sub. What Klipsch model are you looking at? What is the power rating of the onkyo?

I would think a powered sub could take some of the strain off your amp and be beneficial. That being said there are people on this forum who have built their own sub and could better help you. If it was me, I would wait until you got the other 3 speakers made and purchased the receiver before buying a sub.

BTW: I have been frequent traveler to the Netherlands and love visiting your country. [:)]

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Hi, and thanks for the reply.

Well the sensetivity of my speakers are rated at 87 db, but i don't

know how much thats left of at 25 hz. i sure know it can't be that

loud. I only use it for music but in the future when i make my complete

system i want to use it for movies and music. I don't know what my

Onkyo is rated at i think something about 150 watts a channel.

But i was thinking of buying an active subwoofer in the reference

series, the RSW 12 since we don't have the 15 in the netherlands

because the voltage is different. So i was thinking about

buying a subwoofer first because Klipsch here in the netherlands

are now discounted and the Onkyo isn't, so the Onkyo is going to cost

me alot more money.

Btw you guys in America should be happy because here in the netherlands

Klipsch discounted still costs 2 times the price then in America, and i

can't buy an active sub from the US because the voltage is


@ tkdamerica. lol, it isn't so bad here except for the prices of audio equipment compared to America[:P]


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