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Pink Floyd "Echoes" greatest hits CD


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Anyone else have this CD or heard of it? Looking on the internet it looks like the only Pink Floyd greatest hits CD that they ever released. I have The Wall 2 CD set but there's other songs such as Wish You Were Here that I really wanted to have.

Well, tonight I won an auction for the Echoes CD for $4.99 ($8.94 shipped) on eBay. It'll be nice to have it!

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The CD set is remastered so songs like "time" never sounded so good, especially on Klipsch!


You aren't kidding. Just got done listening to some of the songs. Unfortunately at lower volumes than I'd like since my wife was home. "Turn it down!" seems to be uttered pretty frequently at my house.

Wish You Were Here - wow - incredible guitar! I can't wait to crank it up and really listen!

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