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moved the lascalas from family room to main cabin. they sit 14 feet apart. my chair dead center back 14 feet. its as close to nirvana as my low fi ears have ever heard. lascalas powered by marantz 4400 main speaker output. the 4 cornwalls in the family room are powered by the 4400 remote speaker output.


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marantz 2325's and 4400's. i can split the signal from CD player or from teac x 2000r into all 4 receivers. same signal into living room lascalas, family room cornwalls, cornwalls into 2 bedrooms and pioneer cs 99a's in guest room, and garage. i might lose something splitting the signal but it sounds pretty wild to my low fi ears.


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They are beautiful and you are quite mad, sir! Those LS even dwarf the refrigerator.


Now Michael, if you're not "the pot calling the kettle black"... Its a beautiful set up. Would like to see some more pics of the cabin as dtel and I will be building a log house in the next two to three years. We both love wood and stone.

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Those Marantz sure look sweet tuned. I just can't get over the sound i get from my chorus II's with my 2325(which by the way looks exactly as yours do with the nice wood case).

I have had alot of power fed into my choruses over the years but never have i gotten as much enjoyment as i do with the Marantz and its measley 125 wpc. It is just so smooth and very musical with a nice tight punchy bottom.

I'll bet it all sounds great. Congrats!

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