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Who does work/mods on SS amps


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There are actually many foks doing SS mods and upgrades. If you do a goggle search on "Hafler upgrades" you will get a good start.

Someone mentioned Musical Concepts, they are certainly pretty well known, especially for their Hafler mods.

In general I would be a bit wary. Many of the mods concentrate on beefing up the power supply, Since you are running Klipsch, there should not be a problem since the load is quite efficient and the impedance does not go very low. The other caveat is that many of the mods involve changing the bias. If this is done in isolation, there may be some potential problems.

Another concern is that tweaking for Klipsch speakers is a different beast because of the efficiency of the Heritage line. I have noticed more differences between amps when running K-Horns due to noise, hiss, hum & distortion (at low output levels).

Good Luck & keep us posted,


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Before you start shipping arround the US, ask arround your home

town. There is always one or two good guy in every major city


For example, when I got to know Boomac, who lives in the same town as

me, found out we both use the same local guy to work on our vintage SS


I would not just go out and replace parts for the heck of it.

Take it to a guy who can test it to make sure if it is or not

performing like new. If not, then have him spend some time.

Heat is a good problem indicator. Also, of course, audible

problems. One of my SS amps was getting hot, took it in and $75

later it was back running the way it was in 1970.


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