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Who does work/mods on SS amps


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Maybe I am crazy, but I thought I read a post a few weeks ago that said something to the effect of: "Send you Solid State amp to this guy. He is the NOSValves of SS gear" I can't find the post using the high quality search feature and I can't remember the guys name or copmany.

I dropped Craig as NOSValves a line and he was not aware of any SState mod people out there.

My thinking was this. If people freshen up and improve older tube gear with updated caps and the like surely it must be possible with solid state gear. Is this true? If it is true does anybody remember that post or have suggestions on where to send my gear. I have seen lots of mods for DVD and CD players where different caps, RCA connectors, etc. are common and claim better sound.

I currently have 4 Carver TFM-25 amps that I use in my HT set up and one has a slight hiss. One has been mine since day one new. The other three I have picked up used, so at the least would like to have somebody run through them and make sure they are up to snuff.

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"I have seen lots of mods for DVD and CD players where different caps, RCA connectors, etc. are common and claim better sound."

There is a buyer for every snake oil....[:)]

Seriously, why not send them to Sunfire? I recall Mr.Magoo saying that they serviced all Carver gear, you might want to call and confirm price, etc first.

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Sunfire is a good idea. I guess my line of thinking was that if better caps make for better crossovers, then perhaps I want my amps "improved" at the same time I get them refreshed. Perhaps my thinking if flawed. When Craig worked over my Scott 222, it is my understanding that it is not just good as new, but better then new.

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Dean/M Hurd what exactly are we saying here?

These are late 80 or early 90s amps so they are quickly reaching the 15 year mark. Is it the same with amps as with XOs that replacing old cap X with new cap X brings them back to the factory specs.? Is it also true that replacing old cap X with new cap Y (say a better quality of cap) might make an improvement or am I off the mark here? I freely admit I know next to nothing about inner workings of anything electronic. I was just making the leap in reasoning that if replacing an old .25 cent cap with a new, more audio-oriented $2 cap makes an improvement in one piece of gear, it would stand to reason the it would make a difference in a different piece of gear.

Now that difference might be something you like or something you don't like, but it could/should make a difference, right?

So if I am going to ship my amps off to Sunfire to get them as good as new...why not find a guy like Craig that has that all figured out and have him improve the sound of my amp? Is there such a guy like that in the solid state world? If so who is he? Maybe I am thinking about this too much. I actually like the sound of the amps, I just want to know they are performing at the best they can since 3 out of 4 of them I don't know the history of.

Thanks for taking the time to make an electronic novice like me understand!

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Rplace, I think the person who was bought up on fixing vintage solid state equipment was a guy that hangs out on the audiokarma.org websight. He goes by the name of EchoWars. Everyone at audiokarma brags on his work. I myself have never had him work on any of my stereo equipment yet but if something went wrong on my vintage solid state receivers I would look his way. I think he is from the midwest somewere.

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Truth is, most solid state gear, especially vintage, is far more complex than tube gear. If I am correct, most transistor work like a switch instead of a valve, the way tubes do. To make them work then requires more work. Not exactly my cup of tea to be working on them, but I have in the past.

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Echowars is the screen name, aka Glenn McDonald. Truck on over to

Audiokarma.org, and do a search on his screen name. You'll get

the picture quickly that he works on a lot of SS gear, and lots of

folks really like his work. For me, he's worked on an Adcom 535

and an old Sansui 9090. Both sounded and performed better once

they came back from Glenn.

There are other tech-types over at AK that work on SS gear, so even if

you and Echo can't come to terms, there are others that you might also

check out.

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I ran across this guy on Audiogon, when I was in the market for buying an integrated amp. I think his prices are a little on the expensive side but I just thought I would share. Here's his last email to me with his email address.

"Hi Mike,

The mods are $295. Since I sell this as a service I do not advise how to do it. It is a nice improvement over the stock unit. I am no longer involved with the Plinius company but I have 6 years experience with the mods and upgrades.

Best regards,


Email address is: Davenfhf@aol.com
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Yup Echowars I didn't even think of him good guy. But then you were asking me about Carver specific and to me Who would know more about Carver gear then...... Carver. My now deseases tube tester technician used nothing but Carver gear in his system and he sent all his gear back to Carver for upgrades and freshen up. Stuff sounded darn good also.


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