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Who likes Alice In Chains..???


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I saw them with the clash of the titans tour also. I liked them and the next day I bought facelift. About 2 or 3 weeks later they came back by themselves and played a local place. General admission, small club about 100 people at most. Hell, I even took pictures. Great show.

I can't remember is my favorite.

I would love some pics. Can you send me some scanned pics? Please?

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The pictures were with one of those first gen disposable cameras. Bad quality and all. Plus, I don't own a scanner. I need to dig through all my pictures and find them. I'm not the most organized guy in the world for sure. I can find a warm body with a scanner maybe. I listened to that tape everyday for about 3 weeks after the titans concert, I knew it backwards and forwards. Funny concert. Everyone was sitting down and clapping after a song. I was the only one making childish noises after a song. It was like a Celine Dion show or something.

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I seen Alice in Chains at the clash of the titans and Lalapolooza. (sp?)

We were late so we only seen Alice in Chains do "Man in the Box".

They were excellent at Lalapolooza, but I prefered Primus.....

At Clash of the Titans, AIC was first, Megadeth second, then Slayer, and Anthrax was the headliner. If I recall, they swapped bands for the headliner.

Megadeth kinda stunk. The sound quality was kinda lame, so we sat in the back horseshoe of the boone street barn because the acoustics were best.

Right between the PA speakers, and far enough back to rid of all the double echo. (Plus you could see all the bloody kiddies escape the mosh pit.)

When Slayer was doing the sound check for the kick toms on Dave's drum kit, we would scream when they got them dialed-in. "Yeah!! Right there!! Leave it there!!" They must have listened to us, because the kick toms were literally moving our hair when the band fired up. Not bad for being around a 100 yards back.

Slayer had the best sound quality, Anthrax was the most entertaining.

"Dirt" is a excellent album. But being in Washington and having the radio and friends playing it constantly, it tended to burn one out.

Poor Staley couldn't give up his heroin habit......oh well......

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