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Poll: LaScala bass

Jeff Matthews

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Not quite 5 on the left coast but the whisky sounds good to me. I dont have La Scalas but I do have Belles. I happen to think that the bass on the Belles is accurate and musical. Have not noticed any problems. The Belles replaced cornwalls which many folks believe to be the premier bass reproducer in the heritage line. I have to say the overall presentation on the Belles is better. If I didnt think so I would move the cornwalls back into the living room! I know others will not agree but that is what makes the world go around! Josh Josh

Unlike other things that we discuss here......

Deep bass is not a matter of opinion. It ether exists or it does not.

IMHO, Belles are PWK's most beautiful user-friendly cabinet. They are drop-dead.

Belles and LaS sound great.

Having said that........

If I don't like LaS in two channel.(and I don't).......then Belles are lesser......

Put a better mid horn/driver in or atop your Cornwalls, and disregard the looks.........

You would burn your Belles in the fireplace on a cold winter night. Save the LaS for a very cold night.

As always, MO applys to two channel only. Hell, I gots to get the first two right before I can think about 5,6 or 10.


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Had LaScala,s for about a month { till Michael had them picked up }. I should have tried to talk Michael into letting me buy them from him, but i really want something different in the long run, no need in starting a large collection.

The LaScala,s I held for Michael were Industrial, I really would have liked to have kept the top half of that set. The mid and highs of the LaScala is what is making me want to fix the crossovers and maybe add new diaphgrams to the tweeters of my forte ll,s .

I do miss the LaScalas , and Michael posting here.

I used a sub with the LaScalas, but i also use a sub with the Forte ll,s so i guess i just like alot of bass.

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