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Cornwall II's For Sale


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I will post more information later tonight and pictures Sunday morning, but for now, I wanted to let you all know about these speakers that I just got. I will be putting these on ebay Sunday night unless someone here wants them.

Cornwall II, probably late 80's

Birch with light stain and urethane, black grills, logo's

Excellent condition with only minor flaws, no veneer chips

Mechanically mint

$800 for the speakers, $50 for packing materials, plus UPS shipping.

I am very good at packing these speakers, they will show up to you in exactly the condition that they leave me, I promise.

You may email me directly at gregroberts@adelphia.net


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Serial #'s 8761361, 8761362

A little more about the cosmetics. I looked them over very carefully and the finish that was applied by the original purchaser was done pretty well. I did see a couple of stain runs at the bottom of one side, and the urethane is a little thin on the side edge of one of the tops.

I saw a few really minor little "bruises" obviously from moving them around or things being pushed up against them. These were very small and can only be seen with your eyes just a few inches from them.

There are a few other little things too, but I can and will clean those things up.

It looks to me like the velcro is not holding the grills good at the bottom of the speakers. I haven't checked this out yet, but this is usually an easy fix. The grills are not warped and the cloth is like new.

All in all from a couple feet away, these look new.

I heard them in a small room and they sound like Cornwall II's should sound. Deep bass, very nice tweets, and in-your-face midrange clarity until pushed hard, at which point they become a little constricted.

Whoever ends up buying these will be very happy, both with the product and with the service they get from me.

I'll post pics tomorrow.


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