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New sub might cause speaker/receiver conflict- advice needed


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Advice please:

My current audio set-up is as follows:

Yamaha RX-V540 receiver

85 watts X 6

No adjustable crossover

Has Large and Small speaker options. Small Option crossover is 90 hz.

Has "Main, Sub, or Both" LFE options.

Klipsch Reference Speakers

RF-3 Front L & R Speakers- 37 Hz to 20 kHz

RB-25 Rears- 49Hz to 20kHz

RC-3II Center- 62 Hz to 20kHz

Here's my dilemma. A Mirage S12 will be arriving soon and this has caused me to notice a flaw in my set-up. As you can see, my receiver has no adjustable crossover. My RF-3's are great full range speakers that I will be severly limiting if I use my receivers "small" setting and/or send the LFE signal to only my sub. This will limit them to no lower than 90 hZ.

What would you do?

I COULD keep them set to "Large" and send the LFE signal to both the Sub and the RF-3's. Will this be adequate? Will this be base overkill?

I could also set them to small, send the LFE ONLY to the sub and let the S12 handle the show. Would I be wasting the the 4 Eight inch copper woofers in my RF-3's?

I could buy a new receiver with a user selectable crossover. I really don't want to do this as I like everything else about my receiver and I don't want to spend more money.

Please give me your advice.

Note: I realize in sitting down and typing this that I have basically answered my own question but I would still greatly value some feedback and advice.

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Hi, there HAS to be a lower XO frequency when selecting "large", but what's wrong with 90 Hz? Might work well with a reciever rated at < 100w. Any LF relief you can give the Yamaha, should improve mid-bass/range. This may also depend on the room dimensions.

I think that once you get the sub, some experimentation should be in order. The location of the sub is more critical the higher you cross at, so if you can place it somewheres between the mains, all the better.

You may also try sending full range to the sub by using the speaker level inputs and the sub's *high-pass XO*, if that S12 thing has 'em.(?)

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