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Yes, Round is a shape

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I had my sister over this weekend. She is an all star runner, swimmer, paddle boat, body builder, you name it, if it's sports, she does it. She is 46.

We got to talking about her 2 mile times, and she indicated her work out time was about 17 minutes for 2 miles.

Huh, I said, thats not that good, I used to do 8 minute miles when I was running 5k stretches.

She said that was years ago, you got to be kidding if you think you can come anywhere near an 8 minute mile in the shape you are in.

Shape, I said, I am in shape, I'm round, and thats a shape ( yeah read that in the mens rules posted last month). FYI, I am 48, weight 247, and am about 6' 3" in height.

Well it was a quiet night, cool and a light breeze on the board walk. Figured why not, and went for it.

Went out and did the 2 mile run in 16 minutes 30 seconds. Breathing was normal after about 10 minutes. Heart beat was normal after 15 minutes.

Yeap, still in shape, well then, i guess i can have a few beers before hitting the hay.

My sister wants to race me, I told her to make it fair, I'd have to get to 260 lbs before the race.

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Just spoke with my wife.

Turns out my wife and my sister had a conversation that centered around the potential risk "round folks" have starting an active routine.

Can you imagine, some folks don't know how much activity it takes to keep a beer habit going....those cases are heavy. And then there's those stairs on the way to the fridge.

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