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No klipsch stickers/label on back of new RF7 - help


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Just purchased a set of RS-7 from sounddistributors.com and there is no usual Gold/Black Klipsch sticker on the back that has the inspected by signature or the serial #. I know the RS-7 come with this sticker because I saw a pair like this.

It has the monster wiring sticker and then a white label with black numbers RS7118. Label looks like it was made on a computer and not very professional.

What the hell did I get. Is it B-Stock, refurb speakers, or counterfeits? Please help, I need to contact them in the next few days if I want to return.

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If you're new to the world of Klipsch, they put forth an edict saying that they would no longer honor the warranty of any of their gear sold through an e-tailer, unless said 'tailer was able to hand deliver said speakers to your home address. When I was shopping for my KLF-C7, I found it at an e-tail shoppe for about $150 less (this includes new gear sold over ebay as well). I opted to buy it at my local "brick and mortar" shoppe where the five-year warranty will be completely honored.

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The glorified distributors,ah well.

Its probably not a real problem,I doubt someone would try and duplicate Klipsches.Unless they have a Made in PRC oval sticker on the drivers! LOL

I would contact the distributor to see what they can do about this.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Without the official Klipsch label with a valid serial number on the back of the speaker, you have no Klipsch warranty. Please click at the bottom right of this page where it says "unauthorized dealers" for our statement about Internet sellers like these.


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