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Home Theater remote recommendations


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Looking at buying a remote to handle home theater as well my two channel setup. What remotes are some of you guys using? I've looked at the Pronto's,marantz,Sony's, etc. My equipment rack is over my right shoulder which makes it hard when you have to point the remote at the equipment to control volumn,etc. Would like to get a remote to handle dimming my home theater lighting also. Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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My wife bought me an LCD touchscreen universal programmable remote from Brookstone for our anniversary this year and I love it. It will control virtually anything that is operated by a remote control. Very easy to use, blue backlit screen that makes the screen very readable in dim light. It has replaced my TV, DVD, CD and receiver remotes. It can be programmed for 8 different devices and each button is customizable.

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I use a Harmony 880 for my HT. I have an IF reciever at the front of the room (mounted on the riser of my center channel Heresy) that sends the commands to my rack of equipment, the projector, and to the two Lutron Spacer dimmers. Push "Watch DVD" button and all equipment turns and sets pre/pro to proper system setup. Press a "scene" buttom and lights dim to preset level.

Only complaint is there is no button for "Get me a beer and popcorn". [:)]

Otherwise - I'm very happy with my remote.


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Home Theater Master MX-650 or above (i.e. MX-850, MX-900, MX-950, etc.). The MX-650 is the first one in the line up that has RF and IR. With the one remote, you can control anything in your house from just about anywhere in the house. It has hard buttons, 8 of them having a programmable LCD label next to them (I HATE LCD touch screens like the Philips Pronto...they are cool to show off but not practical). It has macro functions, a really good learning system, etc. If you want to program more advanced features with your PC like discrete codes and more advanced macros, you should look at the MX-850 or MX-950.


Last thought...if you are really going for inexpensive, you could get the previous generation MX-600 which comes with a RF base station. You can find them cheap through Price Grabber.

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I have two that I wish to suggest: I love my Phillips Pronto TSU-3000 and USB docking station.

But, if you'd like to go to something less complicated and more cost effective, we also love our remote from One for All. They have tons of different models in good price ranges!

There's also Remote Central for comparison shopping.

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