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U2's ZOO TV on DVD!

Zen Traveler

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This was my favorite concert that I had on VHS. Unfortunately I haven't had a player for over 3 years and was waiting for the release of this on DVD. I didn't purchase the deluxe 2 disk set and settled for the cheaper concert video.

There is a lot going on in the show but it transferred well in the digital medium, imo.

That Bono fella sure is an inspired performer and his vocals are nothing short of sublime. [A] Mysterious Ways is my favorite song/performance on this disk and it still brings a tear to my eye even after seeing it so many times.

The Bullet the Blue Sky-Running to Stand Still combination shows the versatility of the band (or should I say it's lead singer)and incredible range of emotions that they can generate. I also get a kick out of the last Mephisto segment at the end of the concert. Not a bad song on the disk and definitely worth the $16.99!
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Rattle and Hum is a must have, too....if you like U-2.....Bono is a great talent that alot of people don't like ............. for whatever reason......they're a good band......

I would guess fewer people dislike like Bono than any of his contemporaries given record sales and sold out concerts. There does appear to be a lack of interest on this forum though.[:o]

I agree that Rattle and Hum is a must have. After that concert in Fort Worth I was able to shake Bono's hand and say "Thanks for the Music." He looked me right in the eye and said 'Thank You." His sincerity left a real impression on me. My girl friend and I got his autograph (she got it twice on her shirt and ticket stub--as well as a great big hug) right before he went in with BB King to rehearse the following nights performance of When Love Comes to Town.[:)]

I have all of the U2 concerts available on DVD and for some reason the crowd noise on Zoo TV doesn't appear to be as bothersome as some of the others.
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They are a GREAT band, and if you look at their journey to the top, they have earned it, and they speak out about topics that are important......world debt....hunger...Aids prevention...World Peace............they put their money in good causes........I really like the Slane Castle show....stripped down...bare bones U2.............Bono can sing....Good frontman.......

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Chicago has a better song list.......Zoo might be alittle better stage show.....Zoo is from a flat period in their music, just my opinion, but Bono's little devil bit is good......both DVD's have high and low spots.........they are both good......if I had to choose.......between those two............to cover their career......ZOO TV............Me, I think Slane Castle is Best........

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I saw the Zoo TV tour concert in 1991 or 2 in Toronto way back in the

days - it was the wildest event I had ever been to, and that is saying

a lot.

Mysterious Ways, the phone call to George Bush, the huge screens, the

pre-concert interview videos - man, what a show...I have been a huge U2

fan from my college days, one of the first college discoveries I

made...haven't followed them much in the later years...

I felt about U2 like I did Sting (post Police) - I appreciated the raw

anger of the early protest music (Bloody Sunday), but their strength

(IMVHO) was the love songs, the yearning passionate almost simple love

songs (Wild Horses) - like some of the early Police tunes - I

mean I enjoyed "Angel of Harlem", and "In the Name of Love" but from

there, it started just going to crap in so many ways...

When Sting started doing the politically sensitive stuff, it just lost

my attention - there were good nuggets in all of the politcally

motivated music, but not enough for me to care...

Bad Live is the just the most fantastic U2 speaker test of them all -

play it often, replaced it three times from use - good stuff...

How is the latest album; How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb?


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It appears our musical tastes are close to the same and I feel the same way about Sting. U2 however I liked up until "How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb," which I can't really give an opinion on because that is when I started getting into more Multi-channel Audio and Concert DVD's. I never gave it a fair listen.

I didn't really listen to U2 until I saw them on Live Aid. They/He were incredible! I agree that "Bad" is an awesome song. At that concert when he introduced the song "...like most cities, we have our good--and we have our bad...This is a song called "Bad..." it immediately became a fave. I don't think I have ever seen such passion in a performance. [:o][8] [A]
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Hey Mike,

It's been a while since I watched "Vertigo." I will check it out again in the next few days and report back. I remember it being a good video and a different presentation than "Zoo TV."

I have to say I like Zoo TV better. I am watching "Vertigo" right now and am enjoying it. U2 is like Pizza to me--even when not at it's best, it's still real good.[H]

On a sonic level I think the cymbals are a little too pronounced on "Vertigo" which isn't always good on Klipsch speakers (I wonder if Deans upgraded cross-overs would help) and Bono sounds a little hoarse (but still bono). He also appears to be more in his Jesus Complex than on "Zoo TV" as far as presentation goes--But if I was Bono and had his accomplishments, I might feel the same way.

Bullet the Blue sky is a showstopper and I like the way he introduces Running to stand still which he presents completely differently than on "Zoo TV". Imo, if you like "Vertigo"--"Zoo TV" will be a different enjoyable experience. [:)]
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Doesn't anyone else like Slane Castle? Forget all the lights, and gimmicks, Slane Castle is U2, a stripped down Rock Band, ready to give you a gimmick free performance....................Oh well, I think it's their best show on DVD, the only one that comes close, is Rattle and Hum, but there again, I've been a fan for over 20 years..............BOY, WAR, those disc's are atleast 20 years old...............U2 came with the second generation Punk Bands

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