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La Scala speaker match.

Dennis Lamb

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I do not own the La Scala's but if I did, I would try to get another La Scala or Belle for the center. If you don't have the room for that, I would try and match a Heresy of the same vintage as your La Scala's for your center channel. If you go that route, I would use 2 sets of Heresy's in your surround system. Use one pair as your rear side surrounds and the other for front and rear center channels. The rear center would be for any movie utilizing 6.1 content. For the sub, I only know of one other person using a sub with his La Scala's and that's Ray Garrison. I believe he is using a REL subwoofer to compliment them. He's on this board, so give him a shout...



My Music Systems

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Three or four more LaScalas and the sub of your choice would make a killer system if you have room for them. Heresys for the center and rear might be more practical. Any Heritage series speaker with the same tweeter and squawker would will give a good timbre match. Other center choices in order of timbre match would be Academy, KV-4 and KLF-C7. If you want dipoles or bipoles for the rear, there isn't an exact match. But some people have reported success with the ones for other Klisch series.

Sub choice is real personal. Check out the subwoofer forum here.

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I'm using a Heresy as a center with my LaScalas, and I've got a pair of Heresies for music surrounds. To be honest, I'm using RS-3s for side and rear surrounds for movies - this may not be the best match on paper, but for movies it's great.

I've tried a couple of subs with my LaScalas. My old KSW-12 just wouldn't do the LS justice. A Paradigm PW-2200 did a pretty darn good job, but after a few months I switched to a Paradigm Servo-15 and I don't think I could be happier. It's a tight, punchy sub with enough output to keep up any any sane listening level. I've also seen/heard the RSW-15 sub with K-Horns and Jubilees - it worked well with them, so I have no doubt it'd work great with LaScalas.



My System's Stuff

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Great advice so far. The choice between the Heresy or LaScala for the center depends on what your video source may be. If your using a TV monitor, an old LaScala makes a great stand. The older models don't distort the picture. The use of full range Heritage speakers in a HT make for great multi-channel SACDs as I've just discovered. Place them slightly to the rear of your prime listening position, angled forward. The ideal for SACD is to have the speakers form a circle, something I can't do with my Klipschorns. I think this is also a good arrangement for HT when using directional speakers.

Or you could do as I did, get a pair of Klipschorns and use your existing LaScalas for surrounds / center/

rear. Then all you need is a good LFE sub as the Khorns go low enough for music.


Soundog's HT Systems

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I use a KLF-C7 as my center channel with La Scalas as mains and surrounds. The C7 is a pretty good match, if not perfect. A Heresy from the same year would probably be better. I was looking for Heresy surrounds when I found the rear La Scalas cheaper.

I use a pair of VMPS Larger Subs driven by a power amp that supplies about 400 watts to each one. When in the corners, they can keep up with the La Scalas. At sane volumes and below their distortion is low enough that they blend well with my La Scalas. Your biggest problem is going to be finding a sub(s) with enough low distortion output to keep up with La Scalas.


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One thought.

If there is one critical point for matching, it is the center channel. In HT, a lot of the sound from any recording is sent to the center. Also, to the extent that sound is panned left, center, right, it is important that the center and the flanks match.

The use of an identical center would be best. A Heresy would be a second choice because the components in the tweeter and mid are identical or similar.


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I have Cornwall's. I have been using a KLF-C7 as my center. Last week I bought a pair of Heresy's. Putting the Heresy as my center has been great!



Cornwalls Main fronts

KLF-C7 Center

IW-150 Rears

KSW-12 200watt Sub

Anthem AVM20 Preamp

5 Adcom 555s all mono BLK

Toshiba 9200 DVD

Sat. / Mit. VCR


Project room

Genelec Nearfield Monitors with Genalac Sub

Alisis 32 channel board

Joe Meek VC1Q Studio channel

Art Power Plant

Roland R8

Wave/24 24bit recording

Aphex Comperesors

And so on.

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Hi,I've been pretty happy with my setup:

I'm using Klipsch THX LCR's as the center channel, and rear surrounds with my pair of La Scala's.

I also use the klipsch THX sub (KT-SW-15). The older generation Klipsch Front Firing Subs(1994-98?) with passive radiators such as the SW-12 and SW-15 are way more powerful than the recent downfiring subs.

Note: that the new RSW-15 has gone back to the passive rad design with a powerful amp.

I think that the match is fine in this mode, not quite as evenly matched as the full set of THX LCR's in the front was, but then again, the La Scala's are so sweet in 2 channel music playback that I can live with a bit of compromise for surround sound duties.


Gear: Klipsch La Scala ;THX home cinema: KT-LCR, KT-SW15

Onkyo Integra DTR-7 THX

Panasonic RP91 DVD

NAD 7140 Stereo receiver powering LaScalas

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