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will the sub get enough power?


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I am a bit confused about getting enough power to the sub in a general home audio system. Let me use the quintet microsystem to explore my question. The satellites can handle 100 watts each, while the sub handles 225. Well...lets say I go out and buy a quality home theater reciever, say 100 watts x 5. Well, this wattage would match up with the sattelites perfectly, but it seems to me that the sub could not display its full potential with only 100 watts. In a scenario like this, do you buy a separate amp for your sub...or are there recievers out there that are 100 watts x 4, plus 225 x 1?

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I would ditch the sub & buy a powered one. Your center would be getting robbed of precious watts after the signal is passed through the unpowered sub. Buying a 200 watt power amp for your sub may be a more cost-friendly alternative but may be a bit awkward. You wouldn't be able to control the sub volume unless you found a remote control amp. Do they exist?

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I'm guessing you have the KSW-10. This is a powered sub, meaning it has its own amp built in. You just need to connect your sub to the sub preout on your receiver. If your receiver doesn't have a sub preout, then you will have to run speaker wire to the sub's binding posts. But either way, you don't need to worry about your receiver needing to power your sub, the sub's amp will do this.

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Actually, The satellites are rated for 100 watts continuous and 200 watts peak. A 100 watt/channel receiver would work just fine. Also, it is worse for speakers to be underpowered than overpowered.


My System So Far:

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Surrounds: Def. Tech BP6

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DVD: Panasonic DVDR31S

CD: Yamaha CDC 655

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