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Chorus II's vs Heresy II's


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I have been looking for without success a mint pair of Chorus II's in light oak as can be read on my

post in 2 channel audio. The next question is do I

break down and go for a pair of Heresy II's instead.

The Chorus II's are of course a great rock speaker,

but my taste in music are ecclectic and I also listen

to a fair amount of Jazz and Classical recordings.

To complicate this even further, I do plan to add a KSW-15 sub to which ever system I eventually choose. Which speaker system would be best overall concidering the other music formats. All comments are welcome.

Sincerely, Steve H.

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Pickins are slim for your Chorus IIs...

EBAY has beat up Maples

If you enjoy the classic Heritage sound and have a smallist room (like mecwm11.gif). A good pair of Heresey II would be easier to find and would suit your musical tastes.

Bass management isn't a problem with the HIIs, because the no bass cwm26.gif. So a dy-no-mite sub is a must, even if your an ol' fashion 2-channel type. If you're a critical listner, DON'T GET THE KSW-15s. They're for HT only, IMHO. You'll want something a little more musical.


A/V AMP: Yamaha DSP-A1

TV: 29" Sony Trinitron

DVD: Toshiba SD9200

CDP: Denon DCM-370

MAIN: Klipsch Heresey II

CTR: Klipsch KSF-C5

REAR: Infinity SM-65


SUB: Infinity BU-1 (crap)

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Heresy IIs with a nice sealed sub or one with a passive radiator.Ported subs are too boomy.IMHO.

Chorus IIs wouldn't need a sub.

Most seem to like the SVS sub,but it's ported.


Main HT:'77 Klipschorns w/ALKs,

'75 Heresy center,modified with,K-Horn sqauwker & AA network.

KSP-S6 at sides

2 KSP-S6's rear.

Denon AVR-3801

2 Denon POA-2800 200X2

1 driving the Horns

1 driving the bi-wired Heresy center.

2 DIY 12"4ohm subs,Carver A500x 400 watts per ch.feed.

1 15" powered sub(behind the couch)feed from the surrounds pre-outs.

Sony DVP-C650D.

Dishnetwork Echostar 4700 w/DD


Pioneer CDL-D501 laser

Music in "Direct"only!

DH Labs T-14 speaker wire to the front 3.

Room size;15.5 X 25' opening into dining room.

Old RCA 52"RPTV w/matching cabinets

106"16:9 screen w/NEC LT150 front projector

Bed room HT:

KSB 2.1 mains,SC-1,SS-1's,2 SW 8 II subs.

Cornwall Is for music only

Denon AVR-2800,

Dishnetwork,Sony SLV-975HF VCR,Panasonic DVD-RV31.


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If you like jazz, you need a sub. The lowest Bass note is somewhere around 40 Hz, with harmonics below that. If you like classical you have to have a sub, many instruments play below 40 Hz.


Cornwalls & Klipsch subs; leather couch & feet up; lights out & tubes glowing!

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I've contacted the owner in NJ. Says the speakers are in perfect condition but he can't remember if they're black or oak. They supposedly have been boxed

in his basement for 3 years. If it happens I'll be driving to southern NJ. With answers like that, it requires a personal inspection. I'll keep you posted...

Steve H.

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Sounds good. You'll have to let us know. I certainly love my Forte's in Oiled Oak and would want anything else to match up with those. Cool that they are close enough to drive and check out. At least that would save on shipping. Best of luck.

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