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I saw those KLF-30 auctions. I did not have a good feeling about them. Same guy selling 4 sets of KLF-30's. Also he is using a picture from another current auction. I hope it all works out for you. Also based on his feedback, it looked fishey to me. Good luck on your transaction. It will be a pretty sweet deal if it works out.


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I emailed him about all the auctions; he said he had four pair all NIB (two black, two wood grain). I'm picking them up in person, otherwise I wouldn't have bid on them. I agree it looked fishy. If anything is amiss when I get there, then no harm done (except for gas and the @$$whipping he's gonna get!)...

If it's all on the up & up, I got a helluva deal.

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I saw that you intended to pick them up which is a very good thing. Some folks still want to be paid up front even though you intend to pick up. I was just hoping that was not the case here. Anyhow I hope it works out for you. I had 2 pairs of klf20's and those dudes could really rock. They sounded good with most kinds of music, but especially nice with rock. you will like the 30's.


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I hope it is a good deal. Don't like the neutral feedback he gave you. I had black satin KLF-30's. Took K-horns to get me to sell them. Now they are center channels for a fellow forum member.

That B@$turd! He replied to an email I sent him via the feedback...dumm@$$ dip$h!t....

I've called and left him several messages with NO replies at all to any of my emails, either. I may have to make a trip up there just to kick his stoopid @$$!

Please pardon the ranting...I had 100% feedback until now...over a course of 9 years!

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