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How do I kill the sound reflections?


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I thought about the tapestry idea, but if it won't work, then.....

Give the Tapestry a try.......anything for absorbtion to start with. It could work as a dual purpose, to look good AND absorbtion.

I couldn't get X's link to work......

I've been looking online for about an hour now, and can't seem to find a tapesty big enough. The only ones I could find that were more than like 30" by 30" are way too much money. Does anyone know any good websites or anything?

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I may have created some confusion.

The tapestry by itself will have little impact. You need to have some fiberglass (stiff not fluffy) behind it. The more the better, and if there is a gap between it and the wall, then that is even better.

This combination will give you some absorption down to the mid(ish) frequency range. The cloth covering the fiberglass may actually be a bit reflective at the higher frequencies (not absorbing) but that is probably not the problem. Cloth by itself will do little. Draping it so there are pleats may help a bit, but it is really the fiberglass (the thicker the better) and a gap behind it that will be most effective. Otherwise you are just deadening the very high frequencies.

Good Luck,


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