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Where do I get a test tone Cd


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I used this one a long time ago. Parsons is part of history of course and this is a little philip.

The 1/3rd octave noise tracks are what I used with an RS meter. Then I loaded the data into a spreadsheet with the graph set to bar graphs. Actually I used my trusty HP-200 palmtop, but any old spread sheet has a graph function. If you need help setting up a file for Excel or Quatro Pro with a graph, I'll help you.

I don't know if "Works" spread sheet will do this graph. You might have a free copy with your computer if you don't have a standard spreadsheet.

In my view, the CD with the RS gives you the very best bang for the buck.

Please know that there is only so much you can expect. Noise is random and so the meter will bounce a bit. The slow setting will help. You are getting only 1/3 rd octave resolution. It will not pick out a narrow peak or dip.

Others here, particularly Mark (mas) will point out the advantages of computer based programs which will do a an analysis of response in time, etc. I have not used those . . . yet. Such may be the next step for you. There is the added cost, learning curve, calibrated microphone, etc.

The extra cost built-in meter was a waste, as far as I can tell -- the RS meter is better.

I eventually moved on to the very expensive LMS system.


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Thanks to both Gil and Gaspr. The real traps site is great. I'm computer illiterate so I haven't YET been able to create the low frequency test tone CD yet. I do have a CD burner and the file downloaded. Old age isn't for sissys. Still am looking for test CD tones above low frequency. Did move my listening position to 38% from the back wall. I was very close to the back wall before. Sound stage improved plus I treated the first reflections on the side walls at YxX(2)/ X(1)+X(2). Neat no mirrors.

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