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For Sale: Aragon Stage One


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I must reluctantly part with my beloved PreProcessor. I'm going to upgrade to something with HDMI connections. The Stage One is a fantastic unit, and if you are not interested in the whole Blu-Ray/HD-DVD thing then this is the preprocessor for you. PM me, email me, or post here for details if you are interested.

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Is there a reason you can't go HDMI straight to the projector I am assuming this is for video right? (Those with projectors, do you have a 1080P projector anyhow??)

Am I missing something? And keep the Stage One?

Or, is this for Audio too?

The high bitrate audio codecs require HDMI out to be decoded in the receiver.

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Damon and other Forum Members,

The High Bit rate codecs need to go through HDMI, but only if you use external decoding. Most BR and HD-DVD players have internal decoding for DD,DTS, DD-HD and DTS-HD and some like the Panasonic BD10AK do DVD-A as well.

Connect an RB25 to 8 x RCA cable from Cobalt Cables ($120) and you are good to go. I expect Pioneer and Denon to come out with Blu-Ray Players with Universal Audio Capability soon. I think the Pany is the best on the marker and the only one that Currently has 8 Channel Outs plus DD-HD and DTS-HD, but Pioneer and Denon can't be far behind and they will certainly have better sound.

The Pany BD10AK for $599 that includes 10 Blu Ray movies (5 in box and 5 by MIR) is a great solution right now. I have one on order but am rethinking my decision because I want SACD as well.

I would love to see Pioneer introduce a model with the Audio Specs of the Elite 79Avi with B-R capabilities and the new DD-HD and DTS-HD decoding and 8 Channel Analogue outs. What a winner that would be.


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He would need a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player that internally decoded the new 8 Channel Audio and output them from the Analogue Outs. Currently, I believe the only unit that has both DD-HD and DTS-HD and 8 Channel Analogue out is the Panasonic BD10AK. Most of the other models on the market including the Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray, the offerings from Sony, and Phillips and the HD DVD players from Toshiba only have 6 Channel Analogue outs meaning they can't D/A the DD-HD and DTS-HD signals.

Also, the Panasonic BD10AK only does DVD-Audio. I have finally made the decision that I am waiting for a BR model to come out with both DVD-A and SACD. (Good thing I can cancel my order since the BD10AK hasn't shipped yet) At this point, B/R has a huge "lead" in the format wars with all but one Major Studio on board now. Only Universal is not producing their films in B/R while quite a few are still not producing in HD-DVD. Also, the decision by Blockbuster to only stock B/R in stores had to hurt HD-DVD.

I have been looking to upgrade my DVD-A SACD player (Pioneer DV-s733a which is the equivelant to Pioneer Elite DV-47a). But to get into a DV59 or DV79AVi, I am going to have to fork over $600 bucks. I would rather wait a few months and pay $1500.00 for a BR player that does universal Audio. I am hoping it is Pioneer that hits the market first. I am a fan of their Legato Pro Upsampling, and want to keep my stereo rack nice and clean. As HarryO says, keep it simple.

I mean personally, I talked to Damon about purchasing his Stage One, but my HT room won't be finished until at least October the way the contractor is going. (not a high priority job for him) so I am not in a hurry to purchase and let sit in a box. I planned on setting it up via the 8 Channel Analogue inputs though. I still use my DSP-A3090 with 6 Channel Analogue inputs for DTS via an outboard decoder.


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I'm toying with the same delema only I'm thinking of buying a Stage One.

I’m looking at using my TV as the video and audio switcher.

The TV is the Panasonic TC-P50V10 which according to the Panasonic representative I’ve talked to has a digital audio pass thru.

What I would like to do is connect my cable box and DVD player to the TV via HDMI and then connect with one digital audio cable to the stage one.

Any thoughts.

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I'll weigh in, I've got a Stage One and it work fine with Blu Ray, you'll have to locate a DB25 to 6x (8x) RCA, and a BR player that has analog outs.

I went from a HDMI capable player Onkyo 805 to the Stage One, I was initially concerned about the lack of audio over HDMI but my concerns were alleviated when I aquired the DB 25 cable and a BR player with Analog outs (oppo BDP-83).

I run hdmi directly to the TV for 1080p and run the db25 cable (for BR) and digital coax (for dvd) from the oppo to the stage one.

For those interested, Blu Ray can definitely work with the stage one, the lack of HDMI cable is no real issue, and what little issue it may be, the stage one will make up for in sound quality.

The Stage One is an awesome pre/pro, simple and sounds great.

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