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HT Thoughts / Improvements


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Current Setup:

Front Mains: RF-83

Center: RC-64

Surrounds: RF-5

Sub: RSW-12

Components: Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi, Panasonic 58" Plasma 1080p, PS3, Xbox360+HDDVD, Wii, HD Cable

I was wondering what your thoughts were on my system, mainly if having tower speakers (RF-5s) as surrounds loses anything for the system, also that they are not the same series as the RF-83s and RC-64.

Also I know this one has been covered, but how is it even worth the effort taking the 6th and 7th channel and "bi-amping" them with the 1st and 2nd to make "280 wpc" for the RF-83s? I've read too many posts about this, and nobody ever seems to have a straight answer one way or the others.



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You don't really lose anything with towers as surrounds except space in your room. With that said, you have a pretty whip butt system, though the timbre matching of the RF-5's to the RF-83's and RC-64 may be off slightly, though that is up to your ears to decide.

I don't know much about bi-amping, but I think you need an external crossover to properly gain from this effect. I am sure someone else will chime in with more info on that.

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Yeah I would imagine it would be more crucial with the fronts / center. I've had the RF-5s and RC-64 running together for a while and couldn't really tell.. The RF-83s haven't gone in yet, just haven't had the time.

Finally made some time to get the new stand in, and move all the AV gear over, so I'll put the speakers in tonight :)

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Set it all up last night, using bi-amp setting through the Pioneer.

I listened to 300 on Blu-Ray, Matrix HD-DVD, Nine Inch Nails Blu-Ray, Beatles Love DVD, Some MP3s, and Misc CDs.

I was blown away with how well the RF-83s and RC-64 and even the RSW-12 blend together. The RF-5 surrounds might have to be turned up a bit, but seem to sound right and not distracting... just don't seem to have enough volume, but I didn't mess with the settings at all.

The MP3s really sounded terrible, it's very easy to see all the highs and lows are cut out.

Here's a quick picture from this morning (House is currently under a full remodel btw):


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Actually none. I use the PS3 all the time to watch Blu Ray, only bought one game for it, played it for about 2 hours. Also the PS3 upsamples NTSC DVDs to 1080...

Played the 360 a lot when it came out, now just watch HD-DVDs and PAL region DVDs on it.

Wii lost it's charm after a few games :/

Actually I'm far too busy to play games anymore... I work way too much... trade off for being able to get nice things I guess.

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