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Drive-By Rip-Off: Salesmen Push 'Deals' On Electronics


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I was approached by these guys in Indianapolis around Christmas time this year in a parking lot. They asked me if I wanted to buy a home theater system and I told them I already had one.

About 10 years ago, one of my roomates bought a pair floorstanders that I think were supposed to be paradigm rip offs.He paid around $1000. Ouch. My other roomate and I were already big Klipsch fans/owners and we were at a loss for words.

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Had one of these "salesman" aproach me last Dec in a parking lot.

Told him no thank you politely. He persisted. I stoped turned around and repeated NO THANK YOU!

He had a anoiyed look and drove on to another guy two rows over.

Anyone who buys from these people get what they pay for.

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