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Klipsch RF-83 horn issue


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I've noticed lately one of the horns on my RF-83s has become more "pronounced" (i.e., harsh)...could I have a crossover issue or is the horn going south? I've driven them with a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver (200 wpc) since day one, sometimes to "performance" levels, but I've been careful to never drive to clipping or past the comfort zone. I'd appreciate any helpful opinions from those in the know.

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Easiest way to check is to swap each one with the other. If the problem stays with the original speaker that was having issues then its something internal like the crossover, if the problem changes to the other speaker then its the driver.

I guess you could also check and make sure all your wires are properly seated.

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Just curious, how is swapping speaker wires from one speaker to the other speaker going to isolate a problem between crossover and horn of a single speaker? I thought that was the OP initial concern. Crossover vs horn?  

He can narrow the problem down. If he swaps the speaker wire, and the problem follows the channel, then it's in the electronics. If the problem stays with the first offending speaker, then it's a speaker issue.


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