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  1. ---------------- On 9/13/2003 12:55:18 AM chinoloco wrote: Klipsch speakers are fairly aggressive. Either you love them or you hate them. I stopped visiting the avsforum.com forums, too much klipsch bashing there. ---------------- There is some, but I think there are far more klipsch advocates there than haters. And you also have to take into account that Klipsch is talked about there much more than 90% of the other speaker makes out there. That says something in itself. Plus, you might also notice that most people (of course, there are exceptions) who hate on klipsch are those who have lesser speakers. So they can just suck it.
  2. What was 250 grand then? I SWEAR I read about a pair in hometheater magazine in some not-to-long-ago issue. And personally, I think I'll throw in an extra $50,000 and get the Mercedes Maybach. Maybe the SL55 AMG will do.
  3. I thought the X2's were $250 a pair? Or maybe I was thinking of the Focal Grand Utopias. Whatever the case...I'd rather have an italian sports car than such monolithic speakers.
  4. Ooooh, the fireplace is my favorite part of that room. Damn you lucky homeowners! I need to get the hell up out my apartment and get myself a damn house! But then, most 22 year olds I know don't have a house either...
  5. Please hold, experiencing technical difficulties.
  6. ---------------- On 10/4/2003 5:01:01 PM TheEAR wrote: And seven Wilson's Alexandria X2's. ---------------- That alone would cost nearly $1 million. I think for that kinda money, I'd rather have the actual orchestra come play for me than "as close to the real thing" as I can get.
  7. ---------------- On 10/10/2003 10:42:08 PM DeanG wrote: Do you even understand what you just said? The "noise" inherent with the output devices means the noise is part of what the amp normally does. It's something that is going on whether there is a line conditioner or not. ---------------- If "output device" refers to an amp, then I am sorry for the misinformation. I was under the impression that it referred to any device that output an audio signal, such as a dvd player or sacd player etc. DeanG, it looks like the Mrs. couldn't keep you off this forum afterall.
  8. ---------------- On 10/10/2003 3:40:38 PM mdeneen wrote: Such hiss comes from output devices INHERENTLY and is generally not an induced noise, interference, radiation or line condition, thus not subject to effect by a power conditioner. mdeneen ---------------- True, the hiss comes from output devices. But componenets are supposed to plugged into the line conditioner's as well, of which Monster provides audio or video filtering depending on the particular device. So they are in essence, subject to effect by a power conditioner.
  9. One of the first episodes of CRIBS was Tommy Lee (Pamela Anderson's ex). I remember he had the "velvet room" where he ran Klipsch's in the front (never said what they were though) and JBL's in the back. He also had dual Klipsch 15 inchers UNDER his couch so the "chicks could get off." Go figure.
  10. I see you are a skeptic. Well that's your opinion, fair enough. Ever tried a conditioner with your system? If it didn't work, sucks for you. It did for me, and that's why I suggested Rudy try it. By the way Ruby, I just read your question on AVS and I'm glad you're getting alot of responses there. Is Brent really gonna come to your place to check it out? And also, checkout/join the Parasound Club at www.htguide.com where you can post to your hearts content about the Halo stuff.
  11. If I really crank up the volume there is a little hiss...and it's most likely from the high efficiency of my RF-7's. So not to worry, I think a little hiss is normal for every system. I AM sure that a conditioner would help though. I also considered going as far as getting PS Audio's Power Plant to provide balanced, pristine power for the system, but was told by experts that not only was it unecessary, but probably wouldn't make any difference anyway. To have a completely 100% silent system, you'd probably have to be part deaf, or maybe just have the Wilson Alexandria X2's. But anyone willing to pay $250K for speakers is insane. I'd rather have the Mercedes SL55 AMG.
  12. I don't own the RF-5, but I will make an educated suggestion. I think you should get the RC-7, because it's still timbre matched, but won't be drowned out by the RF-5's like an RC-35 might. I had the RC-35 once with RF-7's and it was...well...struggling mightily to stay ahead of the game. As far as surrounds go, I think you'd be safe/satisfied with the RS-35's (better than RS-3II's), since surrounds don't need to be totally equal to that of your mains. So again, the RC-7 and RS-35 is what I think you should get. Kinda sucks that Klipsch doesn't make a center and surrounds to compliment the reference 5's huh?
  13. Rockford is good, they just aren't as good as they were back in the day. Changed management/owners or something my automotive installer tells me. Dougdrake - image dynamics is an awesome sub! three of my friends push those. i myself decided between those and eclipse, but i liked eclipse's 15" aluminums better. Moon, you should only consider a sub after the speakers have been upgraded, IMO. Otherwise the bass would literally drown out the weak, already muddy stock speakers. Besides, $300 for a sub and amp is really cutting corners.
  14. I too cross the speakers over at 100hz and let the SVS PB2+ handle it from there. I've tried setting my RF-7's to Large and it sounds pathetic.
  15. Bullitt? Interesting, I haven't seen that one yet. In fact, I wasn't even alive when French Connection came out, I just studied the heck out of it in film school. William Friedkin also came to speak to us about it. He said when shooting that scene, he wouldn't tell the cinematographer where the cars and actors would be coming from. Likewise, he didn't tell the actors where the camera would be. That way, the entire chase scene has the gritty documentary realism to it...because nobody knew what to play for, it seemed totally natural.
  16. Interesting. Hiss when turning on the C2 with no source? No, I don't. The way I have it setup is the C2 goes into my Monster 7000 which is triggered to turn on the moment the C2 turns on (the C2 is plugged into an unswitched outlet, ofcourse). Upon turning on, the C2 sequentially triggers the A51 and the A21 (both plugged into the wall) with a 3 and 7 second delay, respectively. This prevents the so called "thump," but I do it to prevent major power overloading. I've never tried the C2 without plugging it into the conditioner, but it may be the cause of the hiss. The only thing different I do from you is the conditioner, and I also upgraded the power cord to a PS Audio Xstream Prelude cable. My advice would be to get a good power conditioner, not only to clean up the static and drop the noise floor, but for godsake, surge protect your precious HALO gear!
  17. For reals. "An Adcom amp that was 2 years old." Talk about backstock. And never buy off ebay either. My god, an entire RF-7 system for $1400? Whoever buys that is probably gonna have one HELL of a dissapointment upon receiving their box full of garbage.
  18. I can't believe you didn't include "The French Connection" as that was the movie that began all car chases. It is still the definitive car chase, despite being shadowed by the razzle dazzle ones nowadays. Plus - acting, cinematography, and directing are all HUGE HUGE factors (if not the only factors) in a car chase, so excluding those would be like watching a blank screen.
  19. Whoa, that site reliableaudiovideo seems too good to be true. Their prices are ridiculously low, and they sell EVERYTHING! I'm talking Lexicon, B&K, Aragon, $20,000 plasmas etc. There's gotta be a catch.
  20. Monster products may be overpriced, but that doesn't mean that they aren't good products - because they are. I own both the HTS 2600 and HTPS 7000 and they have DRAMATICALLY lowered/eliminated my noise floor.
  21. Posting the question in one forum is enough, you don't need to post on every single subject.
  22. Even if you asked this on hometheaterforum or avsforum, where the big dogs hang out, you'd still get the same response. Klipsch.
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