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  1. Sorry mOOn. And jesus christ that's insane. that's a true home theater if i've ever heard of one. do you have a wife? how on earth did you get her to give the greenlight for all this stuff? or perhaps you have her on lockdown? i don't know why i'm rambling, probably cause i just had another 2 glenfiddich on rocks...but you know what sucks? i came home tonight and found that my RC-7 had fallen off my tv! all 45lbs of it! So now some of the wood is scratched, the wood on my sub is scratched, and the monster banana plugs broke off, so I had to use tweezers to pull the stems out. Try doing all that when you can't even see straight!
  2. Well you already have the JBL HLS series for your mains and center...why would you want cheap surrounds? Why not just get HLS surrounds to timbre match the system?
  3. ---------------- I could be wrong on that, but I am sure all these companies optimize their products to work the best with their own complementary products, even if the difference is minimal. I mean, even Klipsch recommends you have the same speaker line to match tonal quality of the speakers to get optimal sound... there might be something to that. ---------------- True, but I think timbre matching of speakers is much more important than component brand matching. Afterall, the engineers for the AVR department may very well not be the same folks who do the dvd players, plasmas, etc. I think part of the beauty of going seperates as opposed to HTIB is precisely for that reason. To mix and match the brands to achieve the best system you can, where each component compliments the other. That said, don't forget that the Pioneer Elite 47Ai won Product of the Year at the HE2003 Rave awards. It can also be purchased for $635 on soundpros. Dunno if you wanna go internet though.
  4. Any links? The site requires a subscription to access.
  5. Hmm, all very thoughtful points. I understand the argument that wide dispersion will recreate the ambient and 3-dimensional space. However, with a sufficient sized room and with floorstanders placed at good distances from the listener, the sound waves would be given ample space to expand and fill the room. Hence, accomplishing the intended dispersion effect. Another point I never really considered, but is very valid, is that of SACD, DVD-A, or heck, even regular CD's. With so many receivers and prepros now, music can be played 5.1, 7.1, or even 10.2 (I know 2-channel stereo fanatics would hate this). If one likes to listen to music this way, as I admittedly do, a diffused effect in the rear would sound quite odd. I too agree that it is the job of the processor (and the recording) to correctly recreate the surround effect, blending the correct signals between fronts, sides, and rears. This is only my opinion, but if it is true, then that would kind of make the whole WDST obsolete, or rather, kind of a gimmick no? (Don't flame me please! Just my thoughts!) And true, while the sub would take care of the LFE frequencies, and the RS-X hit down to around 56hz, how powerful is their ability to recreate 60hz? 70hz? THX standard 80hz? To create the seamless transition between sub and speaker, it's my opinion that floorstanders (or even bookshelves) offer superior LFE which would offer a more transparant crossover effect. By the way, MoOn, how on earth are you running THAT many speakers? 11 is it? What kind of processor can do that?
  6. Exactly! Bike shopping in college was so much fun. First it's that cheap second hand $50 Magna bike. Then the $300 Cali Cruiser starts to speak your name. I ended up with the $800 GT XCR iDrive. Anyhow... I would save up and get 5 Hereseys. You'd be the envy of everyone on this board, and it's sound would render a permanent smile plastered on your face. Dunno if you have a wife, but according to another post on another area on this forum, women have better hearing than us dudes do. So she'd probably dig it too.
  7. Hehe well when I said money wasn't a concern for him, I didn't mean it on the level of 5 RF-7s (though that must sound mindblowing!). I meant he could afford 2 pairs of floorstanders, instead of floorstanders and surrounds. We're also kinda going for the asthetic thing, so a tower on/behind the tv would look kinda nuts. I didn't realize this was a topic of debate? I would hardly consider RS speakers full-range, as they only go to around 56hz or higher. Their floorstanding counterparts can hit low 30s to mid 40hz. I guess it just comes down to the money issue.
  8. A friend of mine is putting together a 5.1 system, and wants to use the RC-35 and RF-35's as his center and mains, respectively. What we want to know is if using another pair of RF-35's as the surrounds speakers would yield better results over a pair of RS-35s. I was told that most people get surround-type speakers because they are more affordable. Money is not a concern for my pal Dennis. I also figure that any floorstander would be able to reproduce what it's surround counterpart could, and then some. Any thoughts?
  9. I recently had an incredible itch to buy the Pioneer Elite 47AI (being that it won best product at the home theater magazine awards, i think). But after researching all available titles for SACD and DVD-A, I must say that titles are quite lacking for people in the teenage - post college age, as I am (22). There is plenty of good stuff for baby boomers and admittedly, others...but it just seems that until all album releases are released as hybrid cd/sacd or cd/dvd-a (i don't think this is even possible), universal players are not all that appealing yet - price wise, and available media wise.
  10. While you guys are the luckiest men alive to have such loving and understanding wives, I still think being a bachelor is best. I can get all the gear I like and never have to answer to nobody!
  11. Yes, printing from the net, or even better - if you have a regular salesman you do business with often - they will cut you a good deal. I know a salesman from Goodguys, and the agreement we had was that he sold me my speakers at net-price, plus the cost of their extended warranty. That way, his commision wouldn't suffer as much.
  12. It's just that Sony and Philips need to have some extra sort of marketing angle considering their players only have SACD (being that they invented it). It seems to me that anyone in the market for a universal player would get the best deal with units that play both sacd and dvd-a.
  13. Don't feel stupid. The exact same thing happened to me 4 years ago when I bought my very first receiver and dvd player.
  14. Well it seems that my question was quite ridiculous, since Aragon has proven itself to be an excellent line of components. I guess the misconception I had was that it was made by the same engineers as Klipsch, and Klipsch wasn't known for anything other than speakers. I would really like to listen to some Aragon products, not to purchase (I am happy with my components), but just to listen to it and see what their sonic signature is like.
  15. Coldplay "Rush of Blood to the Head," and Eagles "Hell Freezes Over."
  16. I wouldn't necessarily say it's worthless, but it's certainly not all it's cracked up to be. I like it because I enjoy the thx surround sound modes it offers, plus the set of testing it supposedly has to go through to meet sonic criteria. THX is a very controversial topic, apparently. The RZ-X1 is a fantastic receiver, and Yamaha is an excellent brand. Bruinsme is correct also in pointing out the 2 new pioneer elite receivers that have just been released...I own both a Yamaha VX595a and a Pioneer Elite 45TX and can tell you that both sound awesome. The yamaha is a little brighter, whereas the pioneer is more neutral. As for the use of additional amps, unless you really need to power a large room, I'd say they aren't necessary right now. Are you planning on going into separates soon? If anything, maybe use the money to getting a 2-2.5K receiver. Also, consider Denon. The AVR-3803 is in your 1-1.5K range.
  17. Haha my bad my bad Keebler, I had just saw that one thread saying you worked for SVS, so I just figured. Sorry. As you were.
  18. My money's on Freddy. But how much do you want to BET that neither will win in the end, since that will just totally discredit one of the franchises.
  19. All joking aside, I'm quite amazed someone with your know-how hasn't listened to the RF-35s. I'm sure you'll realize what you've been missing. Side note - why are PB2+'s taking 2-3 weeks to ship? I want mine now! Thanks for your time, Lucky Charms.
  21. Santa's Little Helper, You have a Krell and B&W speakers don't you? I don't think the RF-35's will sound very good to your spoiled ears.
  22. Haha, yes you are quite bias. Actually, if you've looked closely the RF-5s are taller by .6 inches, but the RF-35's are wider and deeper. So they are bigger. As for their sound, you REALLY have to test them both because they sound incredibly different. I personally auditioned them at a local Goodguys when I was deciding what to go with for my center surrounds. The RF-5's KILLED the RF-3's, hands down. HOWEVER, having said that, the RF-35's were a different ballgame. Their soundstage is enormous, their clarity and transparency are crystal clear with no coloration, and were much fuller than the RF-5's. Alot can be said for Klipsch's new line of reference speakers. I do not mean to sound harsh, but to me, the RF-5's sounded tinny, hollow, and lacking richness compared to the 35s.
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