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  1. I don't think so...since true HD is 1080i I believe...afterall, by 2007 all networks will be required to broadcast in 1080i. And YES, there is an incredible difference between progressive scan DVD and 1080i HD. It's simply surreal, how real it is, if that makes any sense.
  2. are you serious?? how come nobody on ANY forum discusses aragon electronics? what is your personal opinion on them and how they sound? and just curious, how much DO they cost?
  3. So what is the general consensus as to what kind of amps are best paired with Klipsch? I personally think my setup sounds truly awesome, but I've also heard people say my setup (parasound + klipsch) is over warm, and too "forward." Wondering if people know what are the best amp combos for klipsch? Also, a little off topic i guess, but what how exactly do TUBE amps work with all those little glass bottles on top? And what would you call amps that aren't tube amps? Digital amps? Forgive me if i sound like i'm rambling, i'm on my 5th scotch and soda...glenlivet is great.
  4. Yamaha receivers are excellent, especially in the lower to mid price range. My very first receiver was the Yammy RX-V595A which I got for $500. It was phenomenal. I believe that yamaha receivers are extremely musical as well as being terrific for movies, and best other competitors in this price range (pioneer, sony, kenwood, HK, denon, etc.) Their DSP modes are awesome, the build quality is as study as it comes, and the list goes on. I am a real fan of yamaha, and I think the HTR-5640 would be a great investment.
  5. Klipsch promotes it as some of the mose advanced technology available today...yet I don't think I've encountered a single person, in life or on forums, that actually owns, much less can attest to how good these products are. Klipsch makes some of the best loudspeakers on the planet, without a doubt. However, it seems to me that they might as well forget about separates and all that jazz, since it's clear that cannot match the likes of rotel, krell, lexicon, parasound, outlaw, et cetera.
  6. So what is the point of people buying power amp seperates that deliver like 125 watts per channel at 8 ohms? That's basically the same, if not less, than what higher end receivers can handle (such as the 49TX, 5803, or RZ-X1)...seems like that line of power amps would be pointless, no?
  7. I ask this because Klipsch reference speakers are among the most efficient speakers around...so without really thinking about it I assumed they were 4 ohm load speakers...until I read the spec sheet. What speakers are 4 ohms, then? Darn, and I thought my amp was delivering 400 watts per channel, instead of the 250 watts they are really giving at 8 ohms.
  8. Dude that's awesome. Best present my dad ever got me was my choice of any snowboard I wanted...that was actually my college graduation present from USC which was all 2 months ago.
  9. Come on guys, macs are awesome. I have a PC and a mac, and am waiting on my dual 2ghz G5 to arrive. It'll blow the dual 3.06ghz xeon's out of the water. So please, don't hate.
  10. Very full and rich, though not overly warm. Crisp highs but no so much that it becomes fatiguing. Basically, the sound is effortless. I think you should definately audition them, but I also am pretty sure you'll love them even if you didn't.
  11. I know that if you are able to contact specific manufacturer dealers (which you should be able to since you frequent other forums where they all hang out), they can probably give you deals far and beyond what any store could hope to.
  12. You might want to do a search or just read up on the posts over at www.hometheaterforum.com or www.avsforum.com which have discussed and reviewed both these products extensively. From what I know, the 2900 suffers from a multitude of problems, most notably skipping after several hours of dvd playback, and the notorious chroma unsampling error "bug." It does have SACD playback ability, but lacks HDCD, as well as the silicon progressive chip. The late model (made after september 2002) 3800 players have all been fixed as they too, used to have skipping and chroma bug problems. The 2900 was the replacement for the 2800MKII, and I think the 3900 will be the 3800's replacement. Either way, they are both solid units. It's just that the 2900 seems to have many, many problems as reported by many denon users.
  13. this is correct. i received this ad yesterday as well, and I live in downtown Los Angeles. The RF-3II's and the RB-3's are indeed going for half price. This is probably disheartening to people who recently just purchased the speakers at full price. It's just too bad for me their sale prices don't apply to Parasound Halo products...
  14. I tried using a vacuum cleaner but it didn't work. The cones are paper I think, but they're quite rigid. As far as the looks are concerned, I'm not terribly bothered since I will use the grills now...but I'm still worried that the dustcaps somehow contribute to the sound dispersion or reflection or something more than simply, blocking dust. That even a tiny dent would somehow mess up the sound wave pattern?
  15. Oh no! I don't know if my cat did it or what, but I noticed that today there was a small, button sized dent on the black dustcap of an RF-7. Does this affect the sonic performance? I'm not sure if the dustcap is just for looks (the black dome in the middle of the gold midrange), or if it somehow contributes to the speaker? I'm very worried...
  16. I have only had my 1st pair of RF-7's for a little over a month, and my 2nd pair for about 1 week now. I personally think they sound terrific, but I'd be extremely interested to know what the "break in" period is, if such a thing exists. I realize it's a topic of much debate.
  17. So does this mean a power amp cannot be used in conjunction with an existing receiver (acting as a preamp?) Must you either have a receiver, or a preamp AND a power amp?
  18. So I'm basically looking for any wood cleaner that doesn't have mineral oil listed in it's "ingredients?" I am still not sure what I am supposed to go with?
  19. Oh my god the difference is enormous! I've listened to the RF-3II's, RF-35s, RF-5's and RF-7's all side by side, running off the same reciever. The RF-7's are so much fuller, richer, and filling than the RF-5s. In fact, the best word I can describe the 5's compared to the 7's are - "hollow." Not to bash the 5's in ANY WAY whatsoever, my point is simply to exemplify how outstanding the 7's are sonically. In fact, like many have posted in previous threads, many who own the RF-3IIs or RF-35s were advised to save up to go with the RF-7's, because they were so much more gratifying than the 5's. I suggest the RF-7s because they are, hands down, the best sounding speakers I've ever owned and will definately be worth the upgrade. The cost will pay off in spades.
  20. Does anybody know of a good wood cleaner that is safe to use on the reference series speakers? I have lemon-fresh pledge, but wasn't sure if that was for wood or leather or little more than a lemon air freshner.
  21. I forget where I heard this from, but somebody told me that to prevent people from getting hired, buying everything at employee prices, and then quitting, not only are the limited in the amount of purchases they can make each month, but I think their discounts only apply after something like 3-6 months of employment.
  22. but how would i use it as a center channel? i can't really put it under the tv, and certainly not ontop...so even if it were to the side it would be slightly off right? and besides, aren't center channels better than actual main speakers, cause of the dual midrange drivers and the horn? i mean, aren't they best for dialogue and effects specifically because of the way they are made that makes them preferable than a tower speaker?
  23. haha yeah, cause i listen to alot of music also, and since the 45tx receiver has the 7 channel stereo sound mode, i usually listen to my music with the front mains and the rear surrounds (RF-7s) at equal volume. The center surrounds, the 35's, are much lower since they are right by my ears. And ofcourse, the center is cranked down as well.
  24. This is weird. I went to my local goodguys today to audition the RF-35s, RF-5's, and the RF-7's. In my utterly honest opinion, it seems the RF-5's were more hollow in sound than the RF-35...which I guess can be a testament to how great the new reference series line up is. I had the salesperson play a favorite CD of mine (coldplay), and have him swtich from each speaker as I told him to do so. Yes, the RF-7's sound amazing as we all know. The RF-35's sounded incredible as well. However, the RF-5's...I don't know...they just didn't live up to what I was hoping. I literally made a face when I heard him switch from the 35's to the 5's. Anyways, I ended up going with a pair of RF-7's to use as my main rears.
  25. Everywhere I have heard or read, people say the RF-5's sound different than the RF-3II's RF-35's, RF-7's etc. I have RF-7's as the mains, and RF-35's as my middle surrounds, and was wondering if I should get another pair of RF-35's for the rear surrounds, or go with the RF-5's. I figure they should go in the rear to provide a stronger rear presence? Either way, my concern is from what I have been hearing - that the RF-5's, while spectacular, are not matched in harmonics to the reference line. Do you klipschheads know if this is fact or BS?
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