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  1. I have the Monster HTS 7000 Conditioner and AVS 2000 Voltage Stabilizer. With the HTS 7000, the only difference I noticed was improved cable TV reception. I guess it filters the signal, somewhat. Other than that, it didn't lower any noise floors, didn't make pictures brighter, didn't make music cleaner etc. The AVS 2000 does make a difference in terms of delivering adequate power, as I can see by using AVIA's calibration DVD. Basically, they are overpriced pieces of equipment. However, it's good if you want to make sure all your bases are covered in terms of power delivery and surge protection. But then, why not get something 10x cheaper and just as effective? (cause it's not as pretty...but does that matter?)
  2. Wow, after forever and a day, the guy finally came through. At least your worries are over. What do you mean it has the same screen as the ibook? As in a 12" or 14.1" screen? BTW - did you watch last night's episode? I thought the action was particularly cheap (no muzzle flashes), but I can't wait until the season finale!
  3. I know they've been out for quite some time now, maybe even a year, but not once have I heard anybody talk about them here or at any other forum, much less OWN ONE. Wondering if anybody has had the change to listen to one, and can make a comment on how this controversial company which I personally love, has fared in their entering of the seperates market. Not that I'm going to buy one. Just curious is all. Here's the link to their site with the amps: http://www.monstercable.com/power/lineAmps.asp
  4. Well if it makes you feel any better, I like your thread title!
  5. Whoa, I'm glad you're ok. Why was this fat dude harrassing you? Was he racist too? It was actually kind of weird to read your post, Justin, cause it's almost like...when I come to this forum I'm in my own little, sheltered Klipsch world...where all that matters is audio, video, and home theater goodies. Kind of a wakeup call to hear the rest of what's going on in each member's life. Craziest thing that happened a couple weeks ago was that not 2 blocks from where I live in downtown LA, a kid 1 year younger than me was shot and killed in a robbery gone-wrong. He went to the exact same high school I did back in Hawaii, was attended USC like me, and lived in the exact same building I do right now. Talk about a reality check.
  6. Hey come on, don't jump to conclusions and start making derogatory remarks. Remember when Brent Huskins, the big Parasound Dealer first began making his presence known here? You guys all jumped down his throat like he was the devil. And then when you all realized he was the real deal, everyone apologized and ended up getting insane discounts by ordering direct from him. So give the guy a chance. What the hell's the point of being a d!ckhead? Everyone will just get p!ssed off.
  7. ---------------- On 4/30/2004 6:52:29 PM SoundBroker wrote: Price totally depends on how you configure the system. The agreement on THX Ultra2 states you have to install the system---------------- It must at least be an option to just purchase the system and install it yourself? What if people have to move apartments or dorms? Plus, having a pro installer do it for you takes 50% of the fun away!
  8. Heretic, very interesting and colorfully written anecdote. Just curious, however, why it was that all the songs you listened to first sounded tinny and thin? Was it because you didn't have the volume turned up high enough? Or was a setting not engaged in Goodguys' central control panel unit gizmo that resides under that sexy tinted glass?
  9. Wow, Roger, that one post of yours must win the award for longest post ever to grace this board.
  10. If only I could do that with my parents and their lifestyle system which they swear by.
  11. Gosh, I hope the dude responds to you soon. I'd be hella impatient by now. Send death threats even. Not. But in the worst case scenario, will any of those adapters those guys recommended work for you? I mean you shouldn't have to pay for one if an AC adapter is meant to be included, but perhaps if this guy's really being a jacka$$, get a 3rd party adapter (or maybe order one from samsung?) and get your laptop working, then in your spare time, harass the bloke or file a claim with paypal. OR...just ask Sydney Bristow to lube up her boot real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it up his candy...you know.
  12. ---------------- On 4/25/2004 7:17:54 PM toddvj wrote: ---------------- On 4/24/2004 5:15:48 PM nicholtl wrote: ...cause salespeople look at your shabby clothes or my peach fuzzed face and think you can't afford nothing. ---------------- You mean can't afford anything. If you can't afford nothing, that means you can afford something. ---------------- Quite right, I do apologize. You are indeed right. My educated grammar slipped a bit and out came my street talk. my bad, bro.
  13. Lauren is SUCH a caniving, scheming, two-faced, BIATCH!!! i love how sydney found her sister. man, i'd love to meet some long lost sibling at that age in my life. that'd be tight. i'm not even done yet either! they JUST met and went walking down the hall after resting...
  14. cool story! i like the part about your money being the same color as theirs. i always get crazy disrespect whenever I go into a higher end AV store. cause salespeople look at your shabby clothes or my peach fuzzed face and think you can't afford nothing.
  15. Don't take your kids unless you've seen it first.
  16. Yes, please wait until us slow pokes over here see it haha! It's 8:11pm right now, it doesn't show until 10pm today...which is one hour later than usual.
  17. Although you can get a brand new Outlaw or Rotel combo, as well as used B&K or Sherbourne components -- to name a few -- for that price range, if I were you (which I'm not, but if I were) I would probably invest the entire sum into one top-shelf receiver. The power, sound, and features some of the big boys have now more than warrant some honest consideration on their part.
  18. I didn't audition those exact models a year ago, but I did have Denon, Pioneer Elite, and Sony ES on my shortlist for receivers. I thought the Elite sounded the best, although the speakers I listened to them on were not Klipsch. And I'm not sure what Klipsch speakers you're going to be using them with, but whatever the case, Pioneer Elite is my vote.
  19. oh yeah! her mom! that straight up came outta nowhere!!!!
  20. I predict Vaughn will finally find out about BIATCH Lauren. What he will do...nobody knows. I did find it quite sad when Sydney was like "I guess we won't be getting that cup of coffee." Her and Lauren need to have a show-down, hair-pulling, nail-clawing, and cat-slapping style.
  21. Whoa, where are you guys? I'm in LA, and it's 7:37pm and it isn't on until 9pm here...so you guys are watching it and I have no clue what's going on!
  22. ---------------- On 3/28/2004 6:37:02 PM SteelerFan wrote: Very nice. So nice as a matter of fact that now I'm a little miffed since yours is better than mine. ---------------- Took the words right outta my mouth.
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