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  1. Hmm, this is interesting. I too would think that a perfectly circular room would make for the ideal sweet spot. However, I remember a lecture on this exact same subject by Tom Holman during film sound class. He said this is not ideal, and it was even considered for actual movie theaters once, but because the roundness of the walls would in effect cause extreme wave refractions and reverberation, causing echoes from every which way. I am assuming he meant if the room didn't have acoustical treatment.
  2. ---------------- On 3/25/2004 5:07:27 PM T_Shomaker wrote: If it were me I would try to keep the sub as far away as possible just so you don't get shaken out of your seat. If you like a lot of bass you may want to keep the sub closer to your seat. ---------------- Haha! My thoughts exactly!
  3. Weird, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the RZ-1 (or AZ-1 in your case) was until recently, the flagship Yamaha receiver? I'm SURE it would have an LFE crossover setting? Even the lower end receivers should have it. But if it doesn't, then you should definitely engage the LFE crossover on your RSW-12, and set it to anywhere from 80Hz to 120Hz, give or take a few hertz to or until your liking. Make sure though, that your speakers are all set to "Small" and the bass is sent to "Subwoofer Only" on your Yamaha. But I swear...there MUST be an LFE setting with your receiver...?
  4. Oooh, Asian version of RZ-1. Is it silver? You should probably use the Y-connector as it increases the signal strength from the receiver to your sub, so if, in the case you decide to leave it set to "Auto On," not to mention the fact that Klipsch subs take a little more juice before they kick on, it will register the signal earlier. What I would recommend as far as your speaker settings and LFE sweep would be to set all your speakers to "Small," because this will let the sub do the work for you, and free up your speakers to do what they're better at producing. So on your receiver, set bass to "subwoofer only" and leave the mains (and center and rears) to small. If you set them to "Large" as well, you might get some boomy, unnatural sounding bass. Now, engage the "LFE Bypass" switch (if there is one) on the back of your sub, meaning that the LFE electronic cutoff will strictly be done by your receiver, and not by the RSW-12. If there is no LFE bypass switch on the RSW-12, then just turn the frequency sweep knob up all the way. I'm assuming that would be something around 120 to 150Hz, giving the RZ-1 as much headroom as possible before bringing the cleaver down. And then, (finally!) on the RZ-1, experiment anywhere from 80Hz to 120Hz for your crossover frequency (meaning where you speakers leave off and the sub takes over). 80Hz is the THX standard, 100Hz is my fave.
  5. I used to check out that site, but the impression I always got was that those were the "big boys," in that they generally didn't bother answering newbie questions and preferred to simply exchange quips about how excellent their individual systems sounded, what the latest technology coming out was going to do, and how delicious their tea and crumpets tasted...
  6. I can certainly say that listening to classical music (Sergei Rachmaninoff and Franz Schubert were my favorites) when I used to write college papers helped because they acted like a sponge, soaking up all extraneous noise while the music itself entered one ear and passed directly through the other. But WORKING OUT? I assume they mean folks who do light cardio. Try telling anyone who lifts weights to listen to Vivaldi. They'll fall asleep and the weight will crush their rib cage. It has to be music with rapid, heavy bass, so as to "pump you up," or to do each repitition in accordance to the beat, if need be.
  7. Maybe you guys have XM? My radio sure doesn't sound as good as my CD's in my auto system.
  8. $1980 out the door? Oh hell no, they can do a lot better than that. I got my RF-7's from Goodguys for about $750 each. Find the friendliest looking salesman, chat up a storm and find some common interest. Then make him feel good about himself. Then ask him to help you out. $1980 out the door? We'll see about that.
  9. A receiver is like living with a room mate. It's all about compromise. Mostly real estate compromise. Sharing of power supplies. Sensitive processing components being next to big and noisy caps. It's a preamp, amp, and tuner rolled in one. Getting a separate preamp and amp, hence "separates," is the true way to go. However, due to it's high cost of even entry level components, it's usually not a route people go unless they're fanatical about home theater, or get smacked silly by the upgrade bug. But yes, separating power sources is a big deal, and often worth paying twice as much, if not thrice, or quadruple, or pentuple, or sextuple, or heptuple...dunno if those are even words...
  10. Careful, when you're not around your girl might turn loose on the sub! If you've seen Howard Stern's "Private Parts," you'll know what I mean...
  11. "ON" means the sub will remain on even if the rest of your system has been shut off. "AUTO" means the sub will turn itself on once it detects a strong enough LFE signal, although as someone in another thread mentions, Klipsch subs require a stronger-than-usual signal to activate, comparitively speaking to other brands, that is. Therefore, along these lines, I'd say if you listen to your music and watch your movies at relatively low to moderate volumes, "ON" would probably be a better bet, since you don't want to hear the bass suddenly KICK IN several seconds into your favorite song. If you naturally watch things a little louder, "AUTO" would most likely well suit your wildest fantasies.
  12. OHHHHH...hold on Moon...I might have slipped up....I think it IS only a VGA output. Hmm...if this is the case (maybe you can double check with IBM customer support?), maybe a small monitor is the only solution? Crud dude, my bad. I think it is output only...
  13. I'm sure it can. Not sure if that's a really old or really new laptop, but whatever the case I'm sure it has a VGA port. I am 99% sure Radioshack has such adapters. RCA - VGA. If they do (and I'll pray alongside you that they do), simply attach the laptop via this adapter and whatever Video Channel Out your receiver spits that signal out on, engage that and the image should flicker and then appear on your laptop screen. BTW - get a mac.
  14. Skidmarks (did I already mention that that's a funny name?) I'll be perfectly honest with you. I own the Monster HTS7000 power conditioner, which all my HT gear (with the exception of my 2 amplifiers) is plugged into, and then the HTS7000 goes directly into the Monster AVS2000, which keeps everything at a solid 120 volts. The supposed "ideal" voltage to keep all components running at their utmost. BULL$HIT. I see and hear no difference. BUT, they provide me peace of mind that nothing can fry my gear. And I guess I'm also one of those idiotic types that wants to have "all the bases covered," so whether or not it actually makes a visual or audible difference, it's nice to know that what you're seeing is truly it's best. But I'm here to tell you it makes no damn difference. If you did have your heart set on these types of units, however, you should also check out PS Audio's Power Director and Power Plant units, and I also hear very nice things about Richard Gray's Power Company. PS - this officially marks my post number 420!!! All you fellow High-Times readers out there, you know what I'm talkin about.
  15. John, I also responded on the Parasound Club. But just to reiterate, I have your exact setup. C2, RF-7's and A51 and A21. They pump 250 watts per. The RF-7's take 250 watts of continuous pumping in. A perfect numerical fit. Sounds pretty good too. A52 would well suit your needs, I have no doubt, but why not give your serious babies some serious juice?
  16. You absolutely have to calibrate the system! Not sure if the 7200 has an auto calibrate feature? If it doesn't, like John said, using AVIA would help along with an SPL meter. It's inexplicably astonishing how much calibrating a system will do.
  17. I think you should just wait until the Blu-Ray dvd players become more affordably priced. Just imagine...all your favorite DVD's in 1080i Hi-Def orgasm-inducing glory.
  18. Well as you predicted, I'm sure Lauren is gonna try and give Vaughn the dirt nap. Hopefully her contract ends on the show and her biatch a$$ gets killed. But then Sark will have nobody left to bone. So...hmm....I think we're out of speculations! Guess we'll have to resume our soap opera talk come next episode?
  19. I heard somewhere that the internet was invented by the Pentagon back in the 60's.
  20. She's also in "chocolat" with Johnny Depp. My favorite characters are actually Irina and Sloane, because they are the most interesting, three-dimensional characters. The others, while pretty faces, are less intriguing. Possibly because they are less experienced actors. Oh, and I have no clue why her name is on the artifact. Maybe she slept with Rhambaldi hahaaha
  21. ---------------- On 3/23/2004 3:21:19 PM b-man1 wrote: i spoke with the Texas vendor and he was VERY helpful. great pricing as well...looks like i may have found my amp. i'm considering the C2 controller as well...ooooohhhh........life if full of decisions. hehehe only thing i'm waiting for is the house i'm moving in to! yeah baby! ---------------- Uh oh...the upgrade bug bit you twice! That's what always happens. You go into the market for one component, and end up lugging a trunk full back.
  22. Brent Huskins is one of the biggest Parasound dealers in the nation, and quite a few of the Parasound owners on this forum, myself included, got remarkable deals from him. He also is available for you to call with any questions at any time. The company is called "Media Designs" based in Fort Worth, Texas, and you can look up the info on Parasound's website dealer locator.
  23. Actually, I have a strong guy feeling that Irina is a good guy...er...girl. I think Sydney is the chosen one, that she is infact Sloane's offspring (haha gross!), and that Irina has been a good guy ever since she turned herself in and began cooperating with Jack and Sydney. And that's a funny story with your dad! That's like when my dad was away on a business trip one year and had a meeting at a nice restaurant with another psychologist. They forgot it was Valentines Day, and so everyone in the restaurant was starting at these two late-40's men. I guess wherever they went was somewhere that doesn't often see two men together.
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