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  1. I'm confused. I understand where you put the spikes, in the holes normally used for the feet and the feet have a place for either the spikes or rubber inserts. However, are you saying that you have better sound with the spikes in the holes for the foot over using the spikes in the feet? If that is the case why would there be a difference between the two locations for the spikes? Do you think that the feet/spike combination has a different dampening factor vs the spikes directly attached to the speaker?
  2. Dean, Have you considered a mod for the RF-35's? If so, how much? Thanks
  3. I too may be interested in Dean's RF-35 upgrade. Please keep us posted.
  4. I got my 950 7 months ago and still love the unit. True it doesn't have all of the latest and "greatest" processing modes, but for me it lacks nothing. I've got it mated to a Parasound HCA-855a and have NO bass problems. I feel that bass response is directly tied to the amp. The better the amp in terms of current and damping factor the better the bass. Just my opinion on that. My mains are RF-35's, center RCX-4, surrounds Quintets and KSW-10 for a sub. I will upgrade the surrounds and sub when money become available. But, back to the 950 I wouldn't trade in for anything.
  5. Hi Bill, Great comments! I'm currently using a Parasound HCA-855A to drive my HT/Music setup to my satisfaction. Bass is plentiful and tight so, I don't see me upgrading the amp for some time.
  6. Thanks Gil Guess I'll wait and see it this ever shows up.
  7. Does anyone have this or know where I can find it? I'm wondering what the resistance looks like at different frequecies. Thanks
  8. I have the RF-35's and at first went with a lower end Pioneer receiver and I was never happy with the sound. I saved some money and went with seperates. I purchased a used Parasound HCA-855A and mated with a new Outlaw 950 Pre/Pro. The combo is excellent in my humble opinion. Just my 0.02
  9. I can not comment on the Polk, however I listend to the RF-25's and 35's when I when looking for new speakers. I ended up with the 35's for several reasons. 1). The 25's had a mid bass rise that I did not care for. It added an unnatural bass sound to me. 2). The 35's sounded much more open than the 25's the sound stage became much larger with the 35's. 3). The 35's had a better sounding high end, smoother I would say. And for only $100 more how could I resist a higher quality speaker? HTH
  10. yaniva1, My only comment is the price on the RF-25's at $600. I got mine from a authorized dealer for $668 plus tax. Well, I guess I will comment further, I would consider a reference center speaker. The center speaker is the hardest working speaker in the whole setup. I had a synergy center and the dialog was lacking when we would watch a movie at times we would have to rewatch a scene be cause of "What did they say?" I never had that problem once I upgraded to a reference center.
  11. Quick Stats: Mits WS-55807 Front L/R Klipsch RF-35's Center Klipsch RCX-4 Surrounds Klipsch Quintets Sub Klipsch KSW-10 Pre/Pro Outlaw 950 Amp Parasound HCA-855A DVD Pioneer DV-563A
  12. Yes, I do live in Lake Charles Damon kind of a long drive. Thanks for the comments. I think I will pass on these. I really could use something smaller.
  13. I just noticed a pair of Belles locally advertised. Not much info just that the person says they are in cherry, but I did not see a cherry finish listed for these speaker on this site. So, they must have mistaked another finish for cherry. The ad says make an offer. I have not called yet to find out what year they are or their condition. I am not familiar with this model, so what questions should I ask and what should I look for if I get to the point of looking at them? Thanks
  14. My mains are RF-35's and center is RCX-4. I had very little room for a center so this worked the best at the time. I got it last October, if I had known that there would be an RC-10 so soon I would have waited. However, I like the RCX-4 the dialog is very clear and fits me needs.
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