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  1. I will be upgrading from my low end AVR to seperates that consist of a Parasound HCA-855A amp and Outlaw Audio 950 pre/pro. I have RF-35's for my fronts and was wondering if anyone else here has a similar setup. If so, how does 2 channel music sound? Thanks
  2. Well, its a no go. There isn't a place to screw the floor spikes into the feet on this sub. Guess it's time to look for a new sub.
  3. Is it possible to add spikes to this sub? If so, what diameter spikes do I need? I have seen 3/8" and 1/2" spikes. Thanks
  4. Twisted, I would not worry about the mix between the reference and the synergy lines. I started with a 5.1 Quintet system to begin with (KSW-10 as the sub) and it was enjoyable until I could upgrade. My 1st upgrade was to replace the the front L/R with RF-35's. That was a year later. Now that was a sweet upgrade for me. At that time I was still using the Quintet center, sub and surrounds. Four months after I added the 35's I replaced the center with the RCX-4. There was a huge difference with vocals over the Quintet center. Now here I am 8 months since the center channel upgrade I am still using the Quints as my surrounds. This system still works well for me. Granted I would like to upgrade my surrounds, but it will have to wait. So, the bottom line is go for it and let your ears tell you know what works!
  5. I'm mostly looking for sites that talk about and have reviews of reel to reel equipment from the 60's and 70's, but have interest in electronics from the same era also. Thanks
  6. picky, By no means would I place my RCX-4 in the same league as your RC-7. Your center is head and shoulders above what I am using now. However, the RCX-4 is still a quantium leap from where I was just a few weeks ago. I have severe space limitions that restricted my from anything wider than the RCX-4 or I would have gotten the RC-35 to match my L/R's. Later.
  7. First Outlaw 950/7100 That is one piece right Second Denon 2803 But, like others I don't think Santa will have any of this for me.
  8. I haven't tried or listened to a complete set of these, however I did purchase the RCX-4 to replace my Quint center. It is like night and day between the two. Since the change I don't have to backup the movie because the wife and I said "What did they say?" I am considering 2 of the RSX-5's to replace my Quints for the surrounds soon if I get some extra money. Let me know what you think of them if you give them a spin.
  9. Art & William, Thanks so much! That is exactly what I needed. I knew I could count on you Klipscheads.
  10. I know that 2.83 volts is one watt, but is 1.415 volts 0.5 watts or 0.283 v 0.1 watt? Is the relationship linear or logrithmic? Just wondering how to interperate my voltage reading at the speakers. Thanks
  11. mOOn, Sure is nice to run into someone else who likes T. Dream. We are not dime a dozen fans! I started with Encore many years ago and never come across a disc I didn't like. One of my favorites is Mars Polaris. Great bass and smooth synth. The dream remains the same...
  12. jhawk, Don't let this slip through your fingers! I have an SX-850 that I bought new in 1977 or 78 I forget which. I use it in my workshop and it still ROCKS. It has more kick at 65Watts/channel than my SXV-509s that I use for my HT which is rated at 100watts/channel. Also, rated THD is 0.1%. Keep it or better yet sell it to me.
  13. Well, I enjoy Dire Straits, Allan Parsons and Tangerine Dream on my RF-35's.
  14. Hey everyone! I'm over here on the other side of the state in Lake Charles. I have recently added some R-35's as my front l/r and love them to death. Just waiting for more $$$ to continue the upgrade from a Quintet system. Later
  15. Well, if the price was reasonable I would like 8 of the aluminum feet for my 35's.
  16. I have to agree with the above posts. The Quints sound very good for HT considering their size etc. However, I found them lacking for 2 channel music. I replaced the front L/R with a pair of RF-35's for that reason. I am still using the rest of the Quint system for my HT with no complaints.
  17. I am not sure as to what Good Guys will do for you on a price for the 35's, but I purchased a pair from my local authorized dealer in June and I got them for $679 plus tax. I was very happy! HTH
  18. September is what I am told for availability. As for price I don't know.
  19. Codias All of the info on the new speakers are now on this site. The sats are the RSX-4 and RSX-5 the center is the RCX-4. Also, the sub that goes with these is the RW-8. Do a search on these model numbers this site to find the specs. I talked to my Klipsch rep and he stated again that the speakers will not be available until September. He also said that most dealers will only get a few at the start and it may be up to 3 months before more will arrive. So, if these are what you want you may want to jump as soon as they come in. HTH
  20. I purchased a pair of 35's last month to replace the Quintets that were the main L/R. I listened to the RF-5's, 35's and 25's. The 5's were not setup correctly for a fair comparison and they were out of my price range, so I mostly switched between the 25's and 35's. I could always tell which speaker was playing by the difference in sound. The difference between the two was 1)Sound stage the 35's had a much larger sound stage and the imaging was beautiful. and 2)the 25's had an un-natural mid bass spike to compensate for the smaller woofer to give the impression of more bass. The 35's have a very tight bass and crisp high which is typical of Klipsch horns. The two both sounded nice, but the 35's won hands down. So, depending on your budget you will have to make the final decision. BTW I got my 35's for $679 before tax the MSRP is $1000, so my local dealer took off 32%. Sweet deal! Also, there is a break-in period on these after about 4 weeks they were much more controled on the high end. HTH
  21. My Klipsch sales rep told me that the system will be available in September with most of the info on this site by late August. Some of the components will be availabe seperatly if so desired. I am looking a the center speaker as a replacement for my Quintet center. I just do not have enough room on my TV for a reference 25 or 35 center. According to him these speakers will use titanium tweeters and the ceramitalic woofers just like in the reference line. I can hardly wait!
  22. simplyso, Just a few weeks ago I A/B'ed the 25's and the 35's. I sat in the chair in the local sound shop with my eyes closed and had the sales person switch between the two. There was a distinct difference between the two. The 25's had a slightly deeper sound (some may call it muffled) and not as open in high end. I told the sales person that the 35's were much more open with respect to the size of the sound stage. I could always tell when he switched the speakers and which one was playing. I purchased the 35's without reservation. I say go with the 35's the cost is not that much.
  23. Are you referring to these in the photo gallary listed as Klipsch Reference Series Cinema 10 System? If so I am waiting for them also. I need a smallish center for my 35's and am hoping that this or the Cinema 8 will fit.
  24. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  25. Muzak + Klipsch Believe what you wish, however that is the price I paid and there is no doubt that I purchased from an authorized dealer (my dealer came up in the search for dealers on the Klipsch website). The MSRP is just that suggested. It is not set in stone and the dealer has room to bargin, but can not advertise any price lower than MSRP.
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