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  1. That looks hopeful. 

    They really need to sort out the problems with the powered products. I like the reference to the extreme levels of testing. It inspires some confidence. I wanted the Nines so bad, I just couldn’t make myself do it  

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  2. I get it, everyone wants to be helpful. It’s admirable. 

    I hadn’t noticed the value on the electrolytic. Yeah, it look like he’s running AK-3’s in his AL-3 La Scalas. Very little difference of course - just that low pass shunt cap. Now, if you want details - You will have to check with my technical lead (who actually understands math). @mboxler


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  3. If I build something and it stops working, I expect the end user to send it back to me. I will stand behind my work, and there will be no charge, regardless of what I find. However, If they start poking around, etc. - all bets are off and they are going to get billed for the work.


    I can’t really figure out this insistence on digging into this network when I’m pretty sure Michael would take care of it at no charge. 

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  4. It’s an AL-3. 

    Using your fully functioning La Scala, loosen the two screws for the tweeter and remove the tweeter connections. Now connect your non working tweeter to those connection points on the barrier strip. Play some music. If you hear the tweeter the other network has an issue.

  5. I don’t remember that measurement but I do remember my personal experience. After changing out the diaphragms in my two port phase plug K-55-V’s, I had a hard time pinning down if I was really hearing a difference or just thought I was hearing a difference. 

    Speaking of the A-55-G, if you have version one, someone should have told you by now that the diaphragms for version two will not work in it (and I presume vice versa). 

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  6. On 2/1/2024 at 9:38 PM, JEM Performance said:

    I've been telling you about these drivers for some time now and I didn't need a graph to verify what my ears were telling me.

    I’ve been thinking about this statement for a few days and how to respond to it. 


    I appreciate opinions from people about what they hear, but since everyone hears differently, opinions are largely subjective. I didn’t think you were lying to me, but I now tend to take everything with the proverbial grain of salt. 


    I have issues with measurements too. Not everyone measures the same and they are usually done in listening areas. How much is the speaker and how much is the room? Microphone placement also varies, and most are not very forthcoming about their test set ups.


    I also take issue with the fact that Klipsch isn’t very forthcoming with data. We are all left to scramble, trying to figure out the right way to do a thing with very little input from the professionals who should be providing guidance. It’s like being on a treasure hunt, and the captain has made off with the map. I think it’s sad that someone like you has to track down somebody from Atlas engineering to get an answer about why the new driver is different. By the way, have you put a new diaphragm in an old driver and curved it? 


    I’ve gone over the Klipsch update sheets you provided me several times. I have very little confidence in what I’m reading. It doesn’t add up. I have found a satisfactory answer, but you won’t like it. 

    Yeah, I’m cranky. 

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  7. About 15 years when they were released. 

    Just don’t know if it’s reasonable to expect a loudspeaker company to keep spare parts indefinitely for discontinued product. 

    It’s very possible that the manufacturer of that tweeter either still makes or the model that replaced it.

  8. 1 hour ago, OO1 said:

    PWK tested the K-55V with klipsch's various horns and so did the Engineering Team  , this   " plane wave tube measurements " based on Atlas Sound's testing methods has nothing to do with Klipsch unless one believes in fairy tales

    There is a very long Plane Wave Tube mounted above the chamber in Hope (or was it Indy). One can presume that PK probably used it at least once or twice. 🙂

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