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  1. @ronajon

    The first picture is a 2uF measured using 1kHz. The second picture is the same can measured at 100kHz. 


    This particular can is also sweating, with a light film on the outside that you can feel and smell.

    A new 2uF Tecate measures .42 - .45


    It’s just my opinion, but I think this part is nearing the end of its life cycle.


    Some are fine for use while others are not. While you don’t have to replace them, the network will be back in spec, and the speakers will sound better if you do. 


    I don’t sell capacitor kits. Please contact JEM if this is something that interests you.





  2. It should make sense that if you make physical changes to the loudspeaker you will hear changes to the loudspeaker. No surprise there. The problem is that without measurements, you have no idea what is going on. You have nothing to tell you why you are hearing what you are hearing. Something can curve terrible and a person will tell you how great it sounds. 



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  3. 3 hours ago, Marvel said:

    THE real AK3. Would present as Klipsch designed it. Whether it's better is personal taste. Is that $650 for a pair or single? Steep price to pay...


    I'm okay with the Klipsch designs, but ur starting to talk big money.

    lol. I spent $5K to bring back the T2A, T4A, the graded 5mH ferrite bobbin, the 2.5mH, 4.0mH, and all the small air cores - all in wax. How REAL do you want it?


    Considering how long it takes to wire and solder the things, $650.00 a pair shipped is a good deal. Labor is $150.00 per board. The rest is parts.







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