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  1. This amp is a EL-34 based tube amp running in the ultralinear cofiguration. It is rated at 40 wpc. The amp is absolutely mint with tubes less than a year old. If you have always wondered what all the fuss is about this is a great opportunity to find out. It's a smooth rich sound with a soundstage that extends beyond the front baffle of the speaker. Retail is $1400 -- I will let it go for $525 email me at dean.wescott@wpafb.af.mil ------------------ dean
  2. I'm selling my Bryston 3B-ST. The unit is 7 months old and mint. It is rated at 120 wpc and can be bridged. It is not the end all in solid state -- but close. It would take a fat wallet or tubes to best it. Retail is $1890 - I will let it go for $975 email me at dean.wescott@wpafb.af.mil ------------------ dean This message has been edited by deang on 03-19-2002 at 01:23 PM
  3. kewl thanks everyone! ------------------ dean
  4. hmm but aren't the connectors on the shakers made for speaker cable? I'm using the 2nd main outs on my preamp to the low level inputs of my sub. ------------------ dean
  5. I'm seriously toying with the idea of getting a pair of these (they come in pairs) I found several more powerful offerings, but I'm not really interested in anything that needs to be mounted to the joists for the purposes of shaking the whole floor. I just want to mount them to the bottom of my recliner. For that -- the Aura Bass Shakers will suffice. I read the manual but I have several questions. 1. The manual says nothing about a crossover. One would assume you need a crossover -- yet nothing is said regarding them. 2. I understand I need a dedicated 50 watt amp. No problem. But how am I supposed to wire it if I'm already using both mains outs on my preamp for my 2 channel amp and my subwoofer (line level inputs). Any clue on these things? ------------------ dean
  6. I wanna be smart like Mlstrass ------------------ dean
  7. how does one 'degauss' a picture tube? ------------------ dean
  8. now jim you be the original ramblin man ------------------ dean
  9. Yep ------------------ dean
  10. too close -- you're never too close It will be near field listening in the extreme! You'll have to toe them in more than usual for sure. Just pretend you're listening to headphones This message has been edited by deang on 03-17-2002 at 07:56 PM
  11. hey Ears - check it out http://www.acoustic-visions.com/HS500.htm ------------------ dean
  12. i just posted about that sub amp -- absolutely awesome who is selling the kit for your sub? ------------------ dean
  13. I'm figuring by this time tomorrow your friends will recant and be calling you a genius. Your parents however, will be looking for a shrink to get you on medication kewl ------------------ dean
  14. Then by all means buy the RF5's. Even with less than optimum placement, they will sound better than anything else at that price point. The Reference Series towers, for whatever reason -- aren't as prone to boominess in the bass as other towers. Also -- you won't be in that same apartment forever. Buy and enjoy! Good luck. ------------------ dean
  15. Well...I'm using RF7's and my listening position is 11.5 away. The speakers are 2 feet off the back wall though. RF5's are sweet. It depends on how close to the back wall you are talking about. RB5 II's and a RSW10 might suit you better though. This would rival the performance of the towers without question. In ways it might be better -- because you would have more control over room boundry effects. I also think the sub would be beneficial in that it would take your bass lower. RB5 II's use the same horn/tweeter as the RF5's and are also real wood. You would be sacrificing 3db of efficiency and the combo solution would cost you about $300 more. Damn those tradeoffs. Something to think about. ------------------ dean
  16. I can't believe this question has been out here since this morning -- where in the hell is everyone? ------------------ dean
  17. since my listening is done near field -- the LF10 is more than sufficient I don't even use it when listening to music as my AE-25 provides more than enough bass thanks ears ------------------ dean
  18. http://www.acoustic-visions.com/HS500.htm ------------------ dean
  19. Hey jnorv - is the 'boom' still there? what is your overall assessment at this point? happy or indifferent? I was actually thinking that if one were to lay it on its side -- it would make a great TV stand -- a couple of sheets of sheet metal and a 1/2 dozen vibrapods between the cabinet and TV might provide enough shielding vibration control to prevent the picture from distorting. Of course, I'm only talking 27' TV here. That would be only way I could do it. My listening area is way too small for that monster. ------------------ dean This message has been edited by deang on 03-16-2002 at 11:23 PM
  20. but i like the sound of 2nd order harmonic distortion ------------------ dean
  21. I never really looked at it - since i know how to hook subs up out of sheer boredom i was thumbing through it and found where it said initial volume for setup is 9/10 o'clock position jeesh - I have to take it to 3 o'clock position before I even hear it coming in to match my RF7's Does this mean I got one of the bum amps? ------------------ dean
  22. ahh yes -- good thinking my man. I got the same problem sometimes -- when Debbie decided to home school the kids I gave up the living room and moved my system upstairs. I do alot of low level listening and movies at night. Sometimes, if I feel like jacking the volume I slide on the HD600's. hmmm -- I wonder how those shakers would do with headphones? ------------------ dean
  23. yes justin - u are funky cool hey earle - you're gonna hate me - you spelled theater 'theature' ;-) That dawg got a name? Beautiful animal. ------------------ dean This message has been edited by deang on 03-16-2002 at 07:59 PM
  24. how u do that funky kool $hit ------------------ dean
  25. You did good Halder. I would of helped you out before you spent the dough but I don't get over here to HT forum much. You did well with the Parasound. It is a very good choice. Of course -- I would have recommended you buy my Anthem Amp1 which I can't seem to get rid of ------------------ dean
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