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  1. I'm working on ironing out the same issues but with an SVS CS-Ultra using a Behringer CX2310. Using an Adcom 555 bridged into the sub and Perreaux 1850 running the mains. I'll post here if I have any luck, also have a thread already started re the same issues, maybe watch there as I play with new Room EQ Wizard program I found last night, it looks interesting and very useful once I get things figured out. Best of luck!
  2. Took some quick measurements tonight, room is not is any shape for measuring to check room or system response, but should still work for comparative check between the two setups. Obviously have some low end discrepencies between the two systems, the Orange is with sub hooked up and crossed to at 145 hz, the Blue is with only the Klipschorns firing. regardless of what response the two graphs show. I started another graph with the crossover set down to 60 but I didn't see it really changing anything by 80 hz so I skipped it. I am more interested right now in the difference between the two and why my bass seems to disappear when I add a competent sub and a boatload of watts. (Adcom 555 bridged running CS Ultra) Haven't posted pics for a while, we"ll see what happens.
  3. Regardless of what interesting twists and turns life serves up it's always good to stand back and review just how good things really are in ones' own life. I for one know I have much to be thankful this year, even though it's the first Thanksgiving I've spent alone in 49 years. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  4. Oh Sure... go bragging about your satisfaction with going minimal as I am getting my butt handed to me trying to go more complicated with your old stuff!!! LOL Glad to hear placement play is working out good for you, nice when free things pay big dividends. I'm having issues w/crossover/sub/main settings/knobs/switches. Finally got it hooked up last weekend, was obviously not right, screwed around for the hour that I had then to no avail, back at it today and hope to get to your level of happy by the end of the day.
  5. And I'm back...only took 3 months lol Life gets busy sometimes. I've gotten the CX2310 hooked up and not liking what I find. Or my understanding of how it works, at least. I had some good help from forum member kg4guy (Thanks again, Ara) who has same unit hooked up to some LaScalas and a sub, he was nice enough to send me pics of his setup and I matched his, but mine doesn't seem to work. Hopefully if I explain what I understand to be it's operation... surely someone will see the error of my ways and set me straight. Freqs 0-"X" the Sub Xover Hz adjustment, all go to the Subwoofer Output. Say it's set at 45. So 0-45 hz go to Sub Output and I can control it's volume by the Subwoofer Gain knob. From freq "X", in this case 45, up to the Low/High Xover frequency setting "Y", all go to the Low Outputs. Say it's set at 200. So freqs 45-200 hz go to the Low Output and I can control it's volume by the Low Output Gain knob. From 200 on up all go to the High Output and I can control it's volume by the High Output Gain knob. Using this logic, wouldn't I need to join the Low and High Outputs back to one another in order to not have either a hole from the Low output missing at the mains or the High output missing? It's not supposed to be this hard.
  6. Thanks for the offer, though I already have the cables I should need. Just unsure how to treat the two seperate outputs, Mid and High, when both need to go to the same three way speaker. Lying in bed last night started thinking I could run a split RCA from preamp and have half go to amp for KHorns and other half for input to crossover, just using the Subwoofer output and leaving the Mid and High outputs on crossover blank. Hope to have some time to mess with it this weekend, have a tournament tomorrow so tonight is rigging rods and readying tackle, won't be home till probably 6-7 tmrw night and will be burnt out afterwards I'm sure, Sunday might be the day.
  7. After a year of sitting on the SVS I thought I was ready to get it hooked up with recent purchase of CX2310 crossover, now am not so sure. The CX2310 has sub out, all good, but also has High and Mid outputs, as if triamping. Is anyone running that X-over in 2 channel? There is one adjustable crossover point, from mids to highs, if I set it at, say, 80 Hz, should cross everything over that to High output, which I could feed straight to KHorns, with the Sub cutoff at the same 80 Hz to nothing over that would get to sub and just not use the mid outputs at all? I hope that makes sense, when I went in to buy XLR to RCA cables, the owner got flustered trying to figure out a good way even though they sell Behringer equipment.(Granted, they are more sound stage and PA stuff, and don't expect him to be familiar with each piece of equipment they offer.) Suggestions or opinions are all welcome and thanks in advance. Really hoping to get it going this weekend.
  8. I just picked up a pair of KS14706 horns attached to KS14704 drivers with what I assume to be some sort of crossover on each labeled "Output Trans 171 C". Transformer boxes have 13 seperate pins sticking up for connections in 2 rows marked 1-14; where pin #4 should be has no pin. Wire ends still attached to pins 1 and 2 for I assume input, pins 6 and 13 are connected to drivers. All connections soldered, haven't taken any measurements on anything or cleaned anything yet. Haven't found much information on any of them through Google yet, although appears to be a lot of stuff in Japanese (?) I haven't searched through yet. A few questions if anyone may be of help? What would their original use have been? One of them has chains attached to it as if it had been hanging at some point in its life. What should resistance on the driver be? Am I correct that the Trans 171 is a crossover? Any info or links on it? Any idea what could be expected for frequency response? And of course, are they worth the money I paid for them? It wasn't much. I feel I got a good deal even if only used for decoration, they just look cool. Thanks in advance for any and all info or links.
  9. Bump. Someone out there must have a passive sub with outboard crossover they're happy with?
  10. I've been out of town 3 of last 4 weekends and working so much in between that I haven't hardly had a chance to even have the stereo on, say nothing of getting the sub going, but have a little time coming up during which I hope to get a few fun things accomplished. I thought about a plate amp but hate to think I have two clean strong SS amps sitting here not being used as I buy another amp. I've seen a couple other ideas also as I've searched old threads but haven't found just what I'm looking for, actually think I did a couple nights ago but but right this second forget which thread it was in. I'll find it again, forgot about it till right now, was reading laptop in bed as I was falling asleep the other night. I'll let you know when it breaths again and how it fits with the Khorns.
  11. I recently purchased an SVS CS Ultra from forum member Wuzzer and it is sitting patiently waiting for me to send it a signal. I'm looking for a filter/x-over that would run from say 50 (?) hz to the SVS and everything above to my Khorns. I have a Perreaux S.S. amp I may use one channel of, or will be getting an Adcom 555 tomorrow, 9/22, in a barter deal that I can bridge. Would like to find something that isn't too expensive but still does what it is supposed to do, I don't want to just go online and buy something based on specs and a description. Any and all recommendations are appreciated.
  12. I'm not on here as frequently as I used to be for various reasons, but I always appreciated OBs' directness and straight shooting style. Be well and get your butt back here ASAP.
  13. I ordered Custom 3's on 10/23 in anticipation of spending many hours in an airplane on an upcoming trip to Hawaii. Have been reading and taking mental notes, hopefully everyone elses experiences will make my learning curve a lot shorter. I will give details and impressions once they actually arrive, supposed to be here tmrw.
  14. Wuzzer: Thank you so much, really looking forward to it, an especially generous act. Typical of the caliber of folks on this board though. Say a lot for the forum. Indy: Thanks for the opinions, I'll have to keep those in the table also as ones to watch for, I especially like the idea of watching DSOTM in production and have always respected Alan Parsons for his varied skills.
  15. Thank you kind sir. I think I ran across this last Saturday night around 3 AM during my first night with the horns. I don't know why I wouldn't have remembered its' location. Got it locked in now, thanks again.
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