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  1. I was in this same position when I first got into Klipsch. I started with a beautiful pair of Heresy's, sold them, bought RF-3's new, and regretted it. I'd give almost anything to get that pair of Heresy's back. Gave the RF-3's to a friend shortly after I purchased my current home theater. I still have yet to find a pair of Heresy's that look like the ones I had.
  2. Results were released today. Apparently were audited for fraudulent votes. I wasn't aware Paradigm had a large following.
  3. Most likely around 20 to 25 watts/driver. That makes sense, the Adire tech said that with the enclosure, it should be around 96db efficient. Sorta scares me now, they said that thing has between an inch or two of excursion.
  4. Did your friend not test the connection with a volt meter before placing power to it? I'm so surprised I didn't back then, but then again at that age, I didn't even own one. I suppose I could have borrowed one from my grandfather heh. Since it was a 16 ohm load when I had mine hooked up wrong, I wonder how much power the amp was actually pushing to the woofer. I also did a science fair project in grade 8, that was labeled 'how does tuning affect the sound intensity of a speaker?' and in grade 8 was measuring the THD in three different amplifiers, all with the same "rated output" and did my results vs the manufacturer's claims. I won an award from radioshack from that. I'm not near as much into amplifiers as I am into speakers though. So what are you building/built with those expensive woofers?
  5. Even though it was running at 16 ohms, that thing would still knock the pictures off the walls. And a shelf that was anchored into the studs heh. I'm intrigued to hear how it'd sound now.
  6. Twelve or thirteen years ago when I was in eighth grade, I built my first DIY subwoofer(won science fair with it). Not sure if any one is still familiar with them, as they're not around any more, Adire Audio. I bought an Adire Tempest (a stout 15" woofer) and built their alignment design, which is 214 l. The enclosure was 24" x 24" x 36". It has two flared 4" x 11" ports tuned at 15.4 hz. Heavily braced, and built it with donuts. Or I think that's what they're called. Anyways, the Tempest was a dual voice coil woofer, each coil being 8 ohms. I had the 272 watt Parts Express plate amp powering it. Here's where it gets good. I could have sworn I had it wired correct, which I thought series would turn it into 4 ohms. I was bored last night, since I have the whole thing apart. The enclosure is too large to just have sitting around when I have four of the THX Ultra2 subs. I was messing around with my volt meter and was surprised to see a reading of 16 ohms. Rewired it last night to a pleasant 3.9 ohms. Too bad the enclosure is in storage, the Tempest is sitting on my table, and the plate amp is in a closet. I'll get around to it one day I suppose. Just thought it was a funny story.
  7. Thanks guys! I often switched between this and my Sunfire TGP5. Oddly enough I like the sound from the Sony better with the Ultra2's than the Sunfire, but the upgrade bug is biting again.
  8. Ah awesome!! I forgot to say, my price is open, its just taking up closet space heh. Thank you!!
  9. Hopefully this one is bigger.
  10. Hey guys, I have a 9000ES Pre Amp I need taken off my hands. Firstly, I'm in DFW, TX, and I will ship. Hopefully my pic will work, there's two of them on my photobucket and I hope I chose the larger one. I have no idea what these babies are going for right now, and don't know how to view completed listings on the 'bay. The volume knob has a slight bend to it, but it does not affect functionality, and of course I don't have the huge touch screen remote (you know, the one that never worked ha) I see them go for +/- $300, but of course I don't want that much for it, so was wondering if $150 sounded fair. If I left anything out, just lemme know!!
  11. I have the Ultra2 system, and you couldn't pay me to get rid of it, if that helps at all
  12. Almost have it perfected (I think) Another thought for the week, how about some homemade Jambalaya? Recipe suggestions?
  13. Gary, Maybe I can conjure up a veggie chili for ya!! Lemme make a few batches and I'll let ya know. I have some ideas... David
  14. I absolutely LOVE the way you think. And I agree, its better the second, third, and fourth day heh. I always make a big batch, so enough to eat on for a while. While expensive at first, the many meals that comes with it makes it all level out. On top of that, what do you enjoy with it? A dollop of sour cream? Cheddar? Crackers or crushed crackers? Corn bread (sweet or original??) So many choices!!!!
  15. I did my first batch of the year back on page 33 of this thread. It was a new recipe for me and turned out really REALLY well. I ate the very last of it last Saturday. I freeze it in small (2 bowls) containers then thaw it out when I get the urge for Chili. I love this season! I find it funny that its cooler here than it is at my old base in Cleveland. I did see your post about your chili! Sounds amazing! Its so intriguing that there's so many different ways and styles how people like their chili. Depending on the region, beans or no beans, potatoes or no potatoes, spicy or timid... I will say, however, with it still having seven or so hours more to cook, the house already smells amazing!
  16. Here's the start of mine, it'll be ready in nine hours or so...
  17. Who all is getting their first batches of Chili ready for the season? Got my first batch going in the slow cooker right now!
  18. With that set up, its kind of crazy thinking even a 100 watt T-amp will do a block party.
  19. I had Shell 93 for $3.89 a gallon earlier, $3.69 or so I believe for 87.
  20. So everyone has their tried and true versions on how they cook the perfect burger. What is y'alls?
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